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Saturday film and art
We made it back to Millennium Court Arts centre on Saturday to watch 'Horton hear a Who!' and to create cityscapes. Meanwhile at home there was a 20 tonne digger pulling out tree stumps with its own artistry and grace.

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Ezra has chicken pox!
My little niece creates a piece of art for me every time I see her. Yesterday she gave me her artists impression of Ezra with the chicken pox!

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When Daddy does breakfast!

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Say 'no' to screens!
This is what happens when I say 'no' to screens and endure 5mins of tantrum. I love how they play creatively with Ezra's toys! Ezra helps by emptying the box of duplo onto the floor and then crawls off to play with the hoover!

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Ezra's first shoes
Ezra got his first pair of proper shoes today. 4H...they weren't sure they were going to have anything wide enough in stock, but managed to come up with one pair! Of course I took the opportunity to pick out a new pair for myself also! He is very interested...

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Back to porridge
I was dreading the return home from Lanzarote to cooler climes, washing and cooking but the reality has been fairly pleasant. It seems being back in your own little patch isn't so bad. It helps when you have a girlie night, a nieces birthday party, an eveni...

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Lanzarote -Easter 2017
'Ola' from Peurto del Carmen in Lanzarote, our Easter holiday destination to increase Vutamin D levels and spend some relaxing family time together. As M doesn't really do 'relaxing/lazy' holidays we hired a car on the second day and embarked on his day by ...

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Lj and I made slime! This is the  recipe we used. We ordered the Kershaws laundry starch from Amazon. It is simply amazing stuff. Ezra managed to cover his new dungarees with it but thankfully it washes out.

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Ezra antics
This week nothing is safe as Ezra's exploring continues.

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Beauty and the Beast
With the new release of 'Beauty and the Beast', Lj was desperate for me to take her to the cinema to watch it. We booked the tickets and headed to our local cinema one sunny Saturday afternoon. Sadly, it was not quite the fairy tale princess experience that...
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