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Sara Yates
So much in life left to see. How much life left in me?
So much in life left to see. How much life left in me?

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Extraterrestrial Stargazing at Easter Island in the Southern Pacific is truly spiritual experience. Here is the scene I manage to capture during one of those moments, when I suddenly noticed some glow coming from beneath the hill in front of me. The light pattern looked like some sort of unearthly lights .. Although it turned out they belonged to a passing by car (what it was doing late at night in such place ?), the whole scene was really eye catching. Jupiter is rising just above the hill and two palm trees complete the composition. I hope you'll enjoy the view

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Yuri Beletsky

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Absolutely gutted that Carrie Fisher is gone. Here she is on Dinner for Five with Jon Favreau. Funny and real and humble. 

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It's no coincidence that Trump canceled the press conference and invited Kanye to do a photo opp. Obfuscate and distract - he's a pro. He doesn't want this Newsweek article getting attention.

”Duterte has extraordinary leverage against Trump, and no one will know what impact that might have on the future president’s decision-making.”

We've got a leader who has business ties all over the world and not discreet ones either. His business interests have his name in GIANT LETTERS. Imagine the new Trump Tower in the Philippines being hit by a terrorist attack. Or being subject to extortion by Duterte. Trump is compromised before he even starts.

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Are ALL Trump supporters climate deniers??? He is stacking the deck against the planet. 

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I'd love to see this happen. Even if the House caves and votes him in, what an epic FUCK YOU it would be to Trump. 

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No one can or will hold Trump accountable for anything. We're being gaslighted DAILY. No longer is it expected for a President to uphold the law. To be diplomatic. To tread carefully in foreign relations. To protect the planet and the environment. To read briefings. To even CARE about any of these things. He cares only about his fragile ego. And we're now expected to accept all of this as normal, to sit quietly and watch the parade of selfish sycophants shake his hand.

I truly have no idea what to do to stop this tragedy. 

Elector from Texas: Why I Will Not Cast My Electoral Vote for Donald Trump

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Am loving Merriam Webster these days. 

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Trump Calls for Revoking Flag Burners’ Citizenship. Court Rulings Forbid It.

“To me it is deeply troubling that the person who is going to become the most powerful government official in the United States doesn’t understand the first thing about the First Amendment — which is you can’t punish people for expressing dissent — and also doesn’t seem to understand that citizenship is a constitutional right that cannot be taken away, period, under any circumstances,” 
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