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I'm interested in fighting back the excesses of this administration because FuckTrump is #notmypresident and #thisisnotnormal (see <>)

Some places to start:

Also sharpen those pencils and charge up your phones. Make sure your representatives (Rep OR Dem, new OR old) hear from you!
(also at)
#grabyourwallet could also be applied to bring pressure to companies supporting Trump (and to boycott Trump holdings as well)

MoC/Members of Congress (the 115th congress starts Jan 3rd 2017) may be presently located at
This is a work in progress, and offers pdfs of "unofficial" lists. It looks like officially vetted lists won't be available until March or so. I don't know if that is a normal delay in updating this kind of information.

I'll probably still collect political posts in the same vein as I used to, at, or retweets on my twitter at, if you feel like perusing them. I'm not going to post them here though. Sick of that.

Something to probably keep a constant eye on:

Places to consider donating to help in this fight (I'll be adding to this as I go):
Natural Resources Defense Council: <>
Planned Parenthood: <> (Donate in Pence's name: <>)
Goodwill: <>
The American Civil Liberties Union: <>
The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR): <>
Lambda Legal: <>
NARAL Pro-Choice America: <>
The NAACP Legal Defense Fund: <>
The Southern Poverty Law Center: <>
The Union of Concerned Scientists: <>
EFF: <>
Emily's List (elect pro-choice women): <>
Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund (DREDF): <>

Jezebel put together a list: <>

Consider also local resources: Donate to your local library, local independent newspaper, local youth homeless shelters. You can check charitable donation status of most at <>. You can also evaluate various metrics on charity organizations via <> (more about them: <>).

I'm not going to suffer any fools. I have no compunctions whatsoever about blocking people if I'm the slightest bit uninterested in engaging and you're bloviating unwelcomed on my threads. I'm not here to entertain anyone else.

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Nazis headed to the SFO Bay Area. Hotels and Airbnb ppl., let's make it hard for them. If you share this, make it public so it can be shared freely. If you see this and it isn't public, copy this text and the image.

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I've spent many years arguing against doxing, especially of left-wing women, for whom doxing often leads to harassment and danger. As the campaign to name these Nazis took off, I hesitated. Can we do this kind of work against American fascism and still fight for the rights of the vulnerable online? If we don't, do we offer impunity for hate? The solution, as so often in these potentially "slippery slope" cases, is to pay attention to power. Ripping the hoods off of white supremacists who attend a public rally with the intention of terrifying others is necessary. The people who chanted "the Jews will not replace us" must be named and shamed. Working against Nazis is never a slippery slope; it's a sticky floor. (bolds mine)

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Christine Emba has a powerful, personal opinion piece on WaPo where she talks about the emotional burden of defending the idea that people of color and others matter.

Because that’s really what it comes down to, isn’t it? Does our nation care about its blacks, its Jews, its people of color? How much are their comfort and their safety worth? Are they worth more than the satisfaction that comes with being able to make a dig at “identity politics” and your left-leaning movement of choice? More than a flag or statue that you have some pleasant association with, if any at all? More than your unwarranted commitment to defending an obviously incompetent president? More than the minuscule possibility that hiding out in a pack of Nazis might have been one “very fine” person who shouldn’t be tarred with the same brush?

Each time I allow myself to argue with an obdurate, defensive person about what happened in Charlottesville, or about what Confederate statues mean and why they should go, my own question becomes more obvious. Why would so many Americans rather undergo one million mental contortions than admit that someone else’s safety matters? Why is it so hard for you to care?

The answer, I think, is not one that I’ll like. But perhaps you can take up the burden of explaining that to me.

I'll try but I may not succeed. I worry that this is white-splaining. However, I don't mean it to be particular to racism in America. This is just part of my general perspective on empathy.

We employ metaphors to think about our emotional lives. One such metaphor is that we can only afford to care about so many people or issues, that empathy is a scarce and exhaustible resource. Seen this way, it seems reasonable to reserve our care for those who are dear to us or by extension, look like us.

But there is another metaphor we might use: that caring about others is a muscle which when used gets stronger and when unused atrophies. Seen this way, it seems reasonable to base caring on suffering and injustice in general.

Which metaphor is better or more apt? Well, I believe that the muscle metaphor is more ethical but aside from that I can give a different justification: When you subscribe to the muscle metaphor (or one like it) rather than the scarce resource metaphor your life becomes more important, ironically, because you perceive the importance of everyone's life. According to the scarcity metaphor, your life only matters to the degree that you qualify as important to some few other people and their merit criteria. On the muscle metaphor, you matter because you exist.

However, the scarce resource metaphor is attractive because it makes sense of how we are treated by so many others. Choosing the muscle metaphor (or one like it) requires an act of courage, to be more than the small people who've ignored your importance in the past.

This is why bigots are cowards.

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There were Nazi rallies planned in several cities. Boston has answered MAGNIFICENTLY. How about the others?

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Go Boston!! YES!!
The rightwingers were escorted out by police 45 minutes after the rally started, cutting it quite short, Never did have that many people. Maybe 15,000 counter protestors.

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My weekly compilation of Authoritarianism in the U.S.

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As she says, it's well worth zooming in on each face in this photo. Grim is the word.

Staring into the abyss. And we're looking back.

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The more I hear of Susan Bro the more impressed I am.
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