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The queen of points
I will give you FREE points!
I will give you FREE points!

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Welcome to my profile!

My name is Queen of points, though, you may call me QOP.

On this Google+ account, I will be advertising people's works, profiles and more. I will also post here new updates to look at! Want to know what I'm talking about? Read more!

Deviantart is a free art sharing website, and people use points to help them buy Commissions, core membership, and more.


How do you receive points in deviantart?

Well, if you don't want points from me, no worries! I'll provide a tip or two to help you get some points.

1. Open commissions. Do art for others, and set a price for them. (Ex, Headshot 20 points) just don't go overboard!

2. Set a donation pool. You an edit your profile and set a Donation widget for your profile. Explain why you need points, and wait. You never know, someone may be just generous that day! ^^


How do I give you points?

I give you points if you watch, llama, or favorite another user and their artwork. You comment "Done" on my page, and I will give you points! My deviantart where you can do the following is:


How can I donate points?

Before I can give all you lovely people points, I must have points to give! So, look below for amazing prizes for donating! Remember to read the whole thing for no confusion.

Donating isn't as unfair as it looks. So read on!

To donate, just click "Donate" on my donation pool. If you donate, oh, perhaps 20 points, you will be on my FEATURED list for one week! Here's how it works:

10 points - On featured list for three days

20 points - On featured list for one week

30 points- Featured list for two weeks

50 points - featured list for a month

100 points- featured list for lifetime

What is the "featured" list? The featured list means I put you on a list on my profile, and people will WATCH, FAVE, and LLAMA you for points! Seems cool, right? Well, that's not all..


Nope! I'm not done yet! If you donate points, I will ADVERTISE your profile, newest Art raffle, and much more!

10 points - advertise in a public journal enters of deviantart

20 points- Advertise in 2 public journal entries (For ex, your own journal entry, and a WATCH THESE USERS journal entry)

100- Advertise on ALL social media that I have. (Twitter, Google+, Instagram)

Check out this journal entry for more info -

So, want to try all this out? Want your no-point nonsense nightmares to end? Well, pay me a visit today! (NOTICE, I will not be on ALL of the time! So please be patient! This is a one person team, so I may not be on, or busy with other people)

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