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Bangladesh Nationalist Party and its associate bodies will celebrate the 80th birth anniversary of party founder Ziaur Rahman across the country on today.

Born on 19 January 1936 at Bagbari in Bogra, Ziaur Rahman had become the country's 7th president and formed Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP).

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36th founding anniversary of BNP today
Bangladesh Nationalist Party celebrates its 36th founding anniversary today. On this very day in 1978, Shaheed president Ziaur Rahman floated the party.
To mark the day, BNP has scheduled elaborate programmes including discussion meetings, hoisting party flags at its offices across the country, and placing wreaths on the grave of the BNP founder.

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Accusing the government of formulating anti-people policies, BNP chairperson Begum Khaleda Zia on Sunday said democracy is gasping in the country following the January-5 farcical election.
In a statement, she said, “The country’s independence and sovereignty are now at stake while democracy is on the verge of death after the January-5 farcical election.”
Khaleda Zia, also a former Prime Minister, issued the statement greeting the country’s people on the occasion of BNP’s 36th founding anniversary that falls on Monday.
She alleged that the current regime is ignoring the national interests by signing various anti-state agreements and doing anti-people acts.
Claiming that the law and order has sharply deteriorated, the BNP chief said the bodies of people are found regularly on roads and elsewhere across the country.
She said a grand festival of mass killings, secret killings, enforced disappearances, terrorism, graft, repression and extortion are now rampant all over the country. 
Khaleda Zia alleged that the government in a bid to stifle the independence of the judiciary through naked politicisation is now going to make a law to re-empower parliament to impeach judges. “The efforts for enacting the law are on to make the Prime Minister all powerful - above all the institutions.”
She further alleged that the national broadcast policy has been framed to gag the media. “The illegal government will snatch the freedom of expression and free-thinking with this policy.”
The BNP chief urged the country’s people and BNP leaders and activists at all levels to get ready for a movement against the anti-people policy.
Mentioning that the country’s people are now going through a suffocating situation, Khaleda said they are on the movement together with people to re-establish people’s rights, assuage their sufferings, restore democracy and voting rights through holding a fresh election under a non-party administration.
She said BNP which was founded on September 1, 1978, has been working for the welfare and prosperity of the country and its people.
Mentioning her party’s various contributions to building the nation, Khaleda said BNP will also play a strong and vital role in serving people in the days to come.

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BNP Chairperson Begum Khaleda Zia birthday

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BNP chairperson Begum Khaleda Zia along with party senior vice chairman and her eldest son Tarique Rahman offered fateha at the holy Rawja Mubarak of Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) in Madina in the early hours of Monday.
They offered fateha at the holy Rawja Mubarak (grave) at Masjid-e-Nababi around 12:10am (Saudi time).
They sought divine blessings for peace, progress and prosperity of the people of Bangladesh and the Muslim Ummah while performing Ziarat at the Rawja Mubarak. They also prayed to the Almighty Allah so that Bangladesh can be freed from the “misrule of the current regime”, he said.
Tarique’s wife Dr Zobaida Rahman, daughter Zaima Rahman also offered fateha along with the BNP chief.

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The 33rd death anniversary of BNP founder Shaheed President Ziaur Rahman is being observed by BNP,  its associate bodies and different socio-cultural organisations on Friday with various programmes. 
On this day, May 30, 1981, Zia was assassinated by a group of disgruntled army officers at Chittagong Circuit House. 
Born on January 19, 1936 at Bagbari in Bogra, Zia was a sector commander during the Liberation War and awarded with Bir Uttam, the highest gallantry award for a living officer for his wartime services. 
BNP and its front organisations chalked out a 14-day programme to observe the death anniversary with due respect. 
The observance of the death anniversary already began on May 27 and will end on June 9. 
The programmes include discussions, hoisting party and black flags, wearing black badges, placing wreaths and offering fathea at Zia’s mazar, distribution of cooked food among the destitute, voluntary blood donation and a photo exhibition. 
Meanwhile, BNP arranged a discussion at the Institution of Engineers, Bangladesh on Thursday in observance of the day. BNP chairperson Begum Khaleda Zia was present at the meeting.  
Zia founded the Bangladesh Nationalist Party in 1978.

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President Ziaur Rahman was assassinated by some army officers on May 30, 1981, in Chittagong. In the aftermath, over a dozen officers were either hanged through a stage-managed trial or just killed. Many freedom-fighter officers were forced into retirement. While the Zia killing trial is yet to begin, the conspiracy behind the assassination remains to be unearthed.

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None is safe in the country : Tarique Rahman
BNP senior vice chairman Tarique Rahman claimed that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is involved with killing and abduction directly or indirectly. “None is safe in the country in the tenure of this government,” he added.

He criticized the activities of the elite force Rapid Action Battalion and said that RAB has become a defense force of ruling Awami League.

He opined that in a mourn rally regarding 33rd Shahadat anniversary of president Ziaur Rahman, also the founder of BNP at the first day of eight-day long program at Prova Banqueting Auditorium at Ilford in London on Wednesday afternoon.

Tarique Rahman said, people of Bangladesh have lost their faith on Awami League. Awami League is responsible for all sorts of anarchy in Bangladesh.

He said that, Sheikh Hasina did not take any proper initiative in seven murder case of Narayanganj. The same happened in killing case of journalist couple Sagor-Runi earlier.

‘The main reason of being silent is Sheikh Hasina is directly or indirectly involved in those murder and abduction cases. She can not ignore her failure in recent anarchy and unrest of the country’, he added.
He also criticized the Ekramul murder case of Feni and said that the wrong doers of the ruling party might have killed Ekram rather BNP or any other opposition.

He also said that an immediate and massive demonstration is needed against this government to save his family and country.

"Awami League leader Sheikh Mujib's 30-year political life is a failure, where as Ziaur Rahman succeeded in everything during his short political career of five years. He declared the independence," Tarique Rahman added.

"It took minutes for Sheik Mujib to kill democracy in the country in 1975; he disbanded his own party the Awami League. Sheikh Mujib gifted the nation a famine in 1974. People were insecure even when at home during his regime," he said.

Tarique Rahman claimed that Ziaur Rahman brought economic prosperity and political freedom after coming to power.

"Ziaur Rahman brought the country's economy out of the rut and introduced multi-party democracy. The rise in remittances and income from the garments exports started during his regime. The manpower export market in the Middle East had also opened during his time," said the BNP leader.

About RAB, Tarique Rahman said, RAB was created to check terrorism during the BNP's regime. And that the people got relief as the criminals were scared of the RAB.

" But, now when the Awami League is in power. It's the opposite. RAB is alleged of abducting and killing citizens for money from Awami League affiliated criminals.

"RAB has lost its credibility. It is now known as a force to protect Awami Leaguers. It's now the people's demand to disband  RAB, " he added

BNP president of UK Shayesta Choudhury Kuddus, general Secretary of the party Koysor M Ahmed and other senior leaders of the party of UK and EU were also present in the programm.

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Barisal News:Today is 19 th January. 78th birth anniversary of martyr president Ziaur Rahman, founder of Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP).

Born on January 19, 1936 at Bagbari in Bogra, Ziaur Rahman had become the country’s 7th president and formed Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP). After the country’s independence, Zia had become Bangladesh’s Army Chief and later President.

He rose to power on November 7, 1975 following the coup of mid-August and the counter-coup of November 3.
In April 1977, he took over as president from Justice ASM Sayem, who had been installed in office by General Khaled Musharraf on November 6, 1975 but was kept on by the new military leadership.
Ziaur Rahman had arranged presidential elections in June 1978 in which he defeated General MAG Osmany, the candidate of the combined opposition.

In the same year, he founded the BNP. On his watch, general elections in early 1979 gave his new party a majority in parliament.
Zia was assassinated by a group of disgruntled army officers at Chittagong Circuit House on the night of May 30, 1981. Since then, BNP is headed by his wife Khaleda Zia.

BNP and its associate bodies have chalked up various programmes to mark the day with due respect.
BNP chairperson Begum Khaleda Zia, the widow of the party founder, along with party leaders and activists will place wreaths on Zia’s mazar. The programmes include hoisting of the party flag on its offices, placing of wreaths and prayer session at the graveside of Ziaur Rahman.

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Barisal News: BNP Chairperson Begum Khaleda Zia said that Govt. can’t hold power more days by using muscles. People of the country don’t like this govt. They want to elect their representative through a election under a non partisan govt.
“This is an illegal government and an illegal government doesn’t have any responsibility to people … it’s very dangerous to allow such a government to prolong,” she said addressing a press conference at city’s Westin Hotel.
Khaleda Zia said, “There’s no alternative to an election with the participation of all under a non-party government that will reflect the will of people. Otherwise, it’s not possible to restore peace and stability in the country. So, we ask the government to take an initiative in this regard.”
To create an environment for dialogue and compromise, she urged the government to release all the detained political leaders and activists of the BNP alliance and withdraw the ‘false’ cases filed against them, and reopen the closed political offices to reactivate political activities.
The BNP chief said the January-5 ‘flawed’ polls have proved that the BNP-led 18-party’s demand for the caretaker government to oversee the parliamentary elections was justified.
Khaleda Zia said, “It (the election) has proved that the government snatched the democratic rights of people and this Election Commission is subservient to the government.”
The former premier assured that her party, if comes to power, will formulate a permanent framework of power transfer. “We would restore healthy politics through a consensus by removing confrontation,” she told journalists.
In reply to a remark of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina that BNP has lost all the hopes, Khaleda said, “We didn’t lost any hope as we’re with people rather it’s Awami League which has lost the hope being alienated from people.
Reiterating that their movement will continue, Khaleda announced that rallies and processions will be held on January 20 across the country to thank people for boycotting the January 5 polls.
As part of the programme, a rally will also be held at Suhrawardy Udyan in the capital. On January 29, demonstrations will be staged across the country with black flags.
 Besides, Khaleda and her party senior leaders will visit some districts across the country in an effort to gear up their movement.
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