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For this week's #SecondLife  Monday Meme I've asked you guys to share some of your favorite posers and poses on the grid. Inspired by Pose Fair!
For today's Monday Meme I've asked you guys to share some of your favorite posers and poses on the grid. Inspired by Pose Fair!
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.....and enjoy the show!
i am sure we can all agree that education in virtual worlds - the immersion into science, art and/or history - is one of most important "unique affordances" of second life [and other such platforms...
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For this week's Monday Meme, I've taken Flat Ebbe Linden to my favorite place on the grid and also made some requests.
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New spring release from +Zaara Kohime 
{Zaara} Spring Release in #SecondLife  
Now at the mainstore:
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I met Ebbe Linden, CEO of #LindenLab - #SecondLife 
I stalked Ebbe Linden, the new CEO of Linden Lab, to this week's Friday Find.
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Someone gave me this info so just passing it along. This is especially for those people that have a lot of spare gacha items or are looking for certain items:

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Very interesting. Thanks.
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Strawberry Singh

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This looks like it may be worthwhile. Brought to you by the founder of Fifty Linden Friday.

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First issue of #SecondLife  Fashion Magazine, Trempe has been released! 
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commented on a video on YouTube.
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Fantastic episode Drax! It was so nice to see Canary and Harvey, they both are so talented and have done an amazing job with their sim and productions. And I totally agree with Harvey, what IS the point of RL? LOL! Can't wait for the next episode. <3
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We need RL to create stress and aggravation so we have a reason to use SL to relax.
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Pose Fair 2014 opened their virtual doors and in 2 hours time I am a broke ass avi. The lay out is great and take a shopping tip from me: pi

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Hello babes!! I know I been slow but Im getting back now after the easter! Firestorm been giving me alot of trouble to take my pictures and

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First of all I want to remind you guys about the giveaway I am doing wich is two gift cards, one 500 L$ from Truth Hair and one 500 L$ from


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Everytime it rains, it rains Lindens from Heaven. In the Spirit of Strawberry Singh's latest Monday Meme, Flat Ebbe Linden, Shay and I showe

An ImmateriA Kali sent to help the Noobies for Monday's Meme!

The Hindu Goddess Kali - according to Wikipedia - is the goddess of time and change, often linked to the God Shiva, God of death... She is a

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I was poking around on Flickr and happened to come across Berry's blog and her new meme featuring Ebbe Linden, which you can read about here


Thank God it is Weekend ! Hallelujah and pass me the joint ...... Busy busy weekend with a birthday party and a school reunion. In this post