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Christian Pelczarski
Freelance Web Developer specializing in Rails
Freelance Web Developer specializing in Rails

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Create a great Github Readme with live local preview


VCR Gem: Custom Matchers screencast and article.

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Free 9-part tutorial to learn Tmux enabling you to skyrocket your productivity.

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Article about "T-Shaped People" If you are interested in the full stack developer topic this a good one

PHP and .NET server-side ecosystems usually decide front-end de facto libraries and frameworks. Keep an eye on them and not Rails or Node.

If you are NOT using Tmux in combination with a console-based web browser you are not sharpening your tools properly.

Increased Developer Productivity with Tmux, Part 4: Starter templates

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Picked up a Chromecast yesterday to use with my Galaxy. Wonderful tool.
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