After watching the video I took action by uploading Yoast and the new share plugins to my wordpress site. Easy and effective... and all you have to do is click on the links below: Thanks +Chris Lang !
Google Analytics Workshop Show Notes From 4-215-2012

Since the button to show the embed code for the Google Analytics "How To" workshop will not show on YouTube videos yesterday or today, it's below.

Very non commercial on my part so it can be shared and this great info will help many.

>>> The replay is at <<<

The floating button sharing plugin is here:

YOAST Google Analytics Plugin by +Joost de Valk

+Ileane Smith slideshare and here links and recommendations are below, and much thanks to +Ileane Smith, +Courtney Engle and +Dotty Scott

Here's a few links we talked about:

The DiggDigg Floating Plugin
GASP - GrowMap Anti-Spambot Plugin
CommentLuv Premium -
Google Analytics for WordPress Plugin
Blogger Interview: Joost De Valk

Embed code below courtest of +James Lawson-Smith
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If you have any questions just ask below and we will get your ducks all in a row. - Chris
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