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Raj K Pandey
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Lives in Jawalakhel, Lalitpur, Kathmandu, Nepal
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Raj K Pandey

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Raj K Pandey

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Raj K Pandey
Jawalakhel, Lalitpur 
GPO Box: 19862, Kathmandu, Nepal
Mobile: (977-01) 98510 86884
Mobile : (977-01) 9841 813529,

Raj K Pandey

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Raj K Pandey

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Raj K Pandey

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Raj K Pandey

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MY PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL PROFILE Raj K Pandey (MBS, MA, MPA) (I) MY PROFESSIONAL SYNOPSIS (A) Basic Information (1) I started my professional career in 1990 at the age of exactly 16 with: (i) Save the Children Norway (Red...
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Raj K Pandey

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Raj K Pandey (MBS, MA, MPA)

Raj K Pandey started his career in January 1990 at the age of early sixteen with Save the Children, a founder member of International Save the Children Alliance. He also upgraded himself with education, knowledge and skills. Consequently, Save the Children-Norway not only groomed him properly but also promoted twice in admin support capacities during his tenure from January 1990 to November 1997.

He moved to the Japan International Cooperation Agency/Japan Medical Association (JICA/JMA) funded School and Community Health Project (SCHP) as a technical staff and worked with JICA/JMA from 1997-October 1999. JICA/JMA also promoted him within 8 months of his services. He worked there directly with the backward grassroots excluded communities in rural areas of Nepal and acquired practical fieldwork experience from community-based development programs along with project management.

During October 1999-October 2001, he worked with the UK Government’s Department for International Development (DFID) funded Rural Access Programme (RAP) as an Administrative Officer. From very inception of RAP project designing phase, he engaged in admin support jobs for project management, administration, logistics arrangement, accounts keeping and office set-up for GBP30 million’s project.

From 2001, he worked with the interdisciplinary group of regional and international experts at UNFPA, Country Technical Services Team for South and West Asia (CST/SAWA Countries). He rendered his general services to the advisory group of specialists that composed from different UN Agencies.During May 02-May 03, he produced & presented informative, educative and advocacy oriented; society focused; interactive radio programs "Our Concerns" and “Development’s Friend” with HBC94FM Radio. He mainly advocated about the public concerned national burning issues on socio-economy, development, governance, human rights, poverty, minority, gender, children, etc. that are related with the civil societies.

During May 03-December 04, he worked with the Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers under the UK Government's Department for International Development (DFID) funded Strengthening the Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers Project, based in the PM’s Office of Nepal.

From January-June 05, he worked with the DFID/Enabling State Program-Nepal, based in the PM’s Office to handover the outcomes, clean-up and phase-out the project activities under Strengthening the Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers Project funded by the UK Government’s DFID.

From July 05-May 07, he implicated as a Consultant for the United States Agency for International Development (USAID)/National Democratic Institute (NDI); USAID/International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) and United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF)/Regional Office for South Asia.

During June 2007-September 2008, he worked with Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) Nepal Office, particularly for the human security of JICA staff, Japanese JOCV volunteers and Missions.

From October 2008 – September 2012, he worked with the Asian Development Bank (ADB)/Nepal Resident Mission (NRM) to provide general administrative and operational supports for the ADB funded thirty-five Programs/Projects under ADB Grants/Loans/TA for the Government of Nepal.

From 2012-2014, he worked with National Entrepreneurship Development Center (NEDC); a federated apex body of  UNDP/MEDEP and MEDPA’s fifty-three district based partner NGOs; created and funded by UNDP/Micro Enterprise Development Program (MEDEP), which is joint initiative and funding of United Nations Development Program (UNDP); Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) under Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID) of Australian Government; Department for International Development (DFID) of UK Government; Canadian Agency for International Development (CIDA) of Canadian Government; New Zealand Agency for International Development (NZAID) of New Zealand Government; and MEDEP and MEDPA Programs are executed by Government of Nepal (GON).

The Community Root

Aryan communities across the Indian sub-continent had migrated from present Middle East, especially from current Persia and Iraq. Consequently, existing Brahmin/Chhetri communities, who presently dwell throughout Nepal, arrived routed through the eastern and western parts of Indo-Nepal boarders. Pandey community also had entered towards territory of present Nepal from Nainital, India in approximately sixteen century and settled down in the western regions, which were different minor kingdoms under several rulers around 240 years ago in the history of Nepal. The origin of our family roots/forefathers is around the periphery of Palpa/Gulmi/Gorkha districts, who had served different independent minor kingdoms and rulers across the country, particularly for the army and priest professions, and contributed for the unification process of the present unified country.

However, younger generations in the modern unified Nepal, selected several occupations and initiated to migrate in different places all over the country and scattered around the world in search of better livelihoods and quality of life. I, therefore, was also originally born in Gulmi, however, I was also grown-up in different places of Nawalparashi, Lalitpur Kathmandu and some places of India, which is part of every human being in the course of life.

Social Background

Regarding my social background, I am single (never married), yet; Chhetri (father Pandey and mother Basnet); date of birth 17 April 1974; aries in western but tiger as per Chinese calendars; Kasyap Gotra; 60 kg weight; height 5'3' with fair complexion. I am only son with two married and one single sister including 75 years plus old mother. Our father used to be local level politician in Susta VDC during his youth up to 1970, which is nostalgia for us in these days. On the other hand, he used to be an Indian retired army with the pension from India and mother is housewife. They both used to live in hometown (Tribeni Bazaar, Nawalparashi) to look after home/land and quarterly used to visit us as well as collecting pension from Indian embassy in Kathmandu. However, our father expired in 2012 at the age of 75. Subsequently, my old mother is currently living with us at Jawalakhel, Lalitpur. Our two older sisters have already settled down in Kathmandu, but I and my small sister have not tied a social knot, yet.

Economic Background

I represent working class economy--I must work for my own as well as family members’ livelihoods. Currently, I have some hundreds of books in the name of visible property in my own name with a four-roomed cemented home with the tropical based fruits garden in 3.5 kattha of land including some pieces of farmland (1 hector = 1.5 bigha = 30 kattha = 20 ropani) to produce rice, wheat, maize and cash crops in the tarai belt of Nepal--Tribeni Bazaar, which is situated at Indo-Nepal boarder, near Bardaghat, Nawalparashi, Lumbini -- which is an outcome of purely my personal incomes! However, three local families are looking after these properties.

Values for Life

My father (Pandey Chhetri) was an Indian retired army and all my three maternal uncles (Basnet Chhetri) also were involved for Indian army background. Moreover, our traditional family backgrounds, both from father and mother’s side majority of young males, were conventionally implicated for Nepal army service directly under the royal regime from several generations. Subsequently, Pandey and Basnet are considered to be the traditional friends in Nepalese politics and they were given the title of Kaji, which is equivalent to the ministers in the history. Moreover, then king, who unified the present Nepal, had also encouraged his subordinates for the matrimonial relationships between Pandey and Basnet communities at that particular time, which is in practice even today. My mother is also highly influenced by the family roots and army backgrounds of her male family members, especially her grandparents, father and brothers.  As a result, my mother groomed me and my sisters under a strict social disciplines and clear value systems for life. I am, therefore, self-disciplined and guided by certain core values and norms in life - - never give up challenges, but fight for target - - due to the direct influence of the parental army backgrounds from several generations in my family members’ blood.

My Childhood History

Prior to my birth, my father was able to secure the army pension in his middle age due to a minor injury on his hand. He had invested his life’s entire incomes in acquiring properties in Susta VDC, Nawalparashi district, which is a conflict territory between India and Nepal even today. Moreover, then Government of Nepal had also distributed free land to migrate  hilly communities in the plain land under fifteen resettlement programs in some terai districts in early sixty. However, my mother and her all children were in the native district in the inherent property of our forefathers, where my sisters were growing-up under direct mentoring of our mother. However, my father wanted additional children, especially sons to manage his newly acquired huge chunk of land and properties in terai and also ensure for secured future through sons during his elderly age, which is a common phenomenon in the developing counties. Consequently, with the verbal consent of my mother, he tied a social-knot with the second wife to produce sons and fortunately he was blessed with four additional sons from my second mother. However, later on, I was also conceived in the womb of my mother as a second son of my father, who contributed total nine children from two wives in the mobs of seven billion plus population on this planet.

Moreover, my father was a local influential leader and an opinion former in his station during his youth as he was a highly knowledgeable army with the pension from India including some exposures to the outside world as compared to other villagers in those days. He was able to manage and influence the local politics and coordinate with the district headquarters so that local illiterate people used to be his blind flowers as he was also an affluent person in the entire Susta VDC as compared to backward people. However, the time is the greatest decision maker in our life, which can completely alter the course of our life, does not matter, we like it or not. The greatest natural disaster, caused by the Narayani river flood, in early seventy in Nepal, made all dwellers of Susta VDC totally home and landless and local people became overnight hopeless due to an unexpected will of the super natural forces. Albeit, then Government of Nepal relocated and resettled all sufferers in different localities in Nawalparashi district, although those unfortunate people were never able to overcome from their poverty line and the course of life of our all family members altered forever for struggles, which reversely affected for the whole fate of mine and other siblings as well as the same natural disaster totally changed our stations, priorities, values, life styles and everything since we cannot go against the nature/time/God.

My Struggle for Survival

As a result, time-to-time, my school education used to be interrupted as I was in the economical struggle phase from the very early childhood of my life. I supported my own living from the age of 10, when I had independently started a tiny-shop without acquiring even a rupee seed-fund from my parents, which makes me feel proud now. Albeit, it might be the demand of those difficult reversed circumstances and negative fate of my own life, I went through several hardship moments caused by the financial crisis for the survival in my life. However, I acquired a million dolor lessons to be flexible and accept the challenges even in the reversed situations in the course of life, which is a great lesson for my entire life to cope the difficulties until our death. A person can be better understood at the time of critical moments since how to survive during miseries is the best education, which none of the universities can taught us.

I left my hometown at the age of 10 and started to work hard for the envisioned dreams in life: finding a source of income for livelihoods, improve the quality of life and acquire an education to use as a means to eradicate financial hardships caused by the lack of economic resources in life, when I had merely completed class 6 at the age of 10. However, immediately, my mother and sisters also joined me and we collectively started a struggle for the survival at the periphery of Jawalakhel, Lalitpur district. Up to the age of 16, my formal education was totally discontinued due to the first priority for my own as well as family members’ livelihoods, albeit I used to self study different kinds of books for whole mid-night on daily basis and updated knowledge about the burning issues in order to portray myself as an intellectual for outsiders with an expectation that people will respect me, if I am knowledgeable, rational and logical in any debates and discourses, which made a strong positive image and impacts among locals.

Consequently, books and other source of knowledge/information unconsciously have became my best friends even today so that reading habit has been converted as a part of my daily life. We are what we repeatedly feed our minds. I have regularly fed my mind with the knowledge and information throughout my life. I am, therefore, often able to convince most of the people through rational discussions on selected topics. Hence, many people, who are in my close networks and social circles, enjoy my company, and they approach me and seek for an appropriate solution of their problems, which has taught me that we must prove our capacities in front of the people. Nobody will search you without any specific causes, but if you are a proper solution of their problems/needs, they will definitely approach you and seek solutions from you even at your retirement life as you are pleasure giver for them by properly mentoring people.

Finally, my mother and father happily reunited after few years of physical separation in exploring the better economy for quality of life. After a decade of my career, I constructed a home and purchased a piece of land for them in my hometown so that both my parents were satisfactorily living together in their elderly age. However, the nature is the only biggest decision maker of our fate. My father expired due to asthma at the age of seventy-five in 2012, despite better medical efforts to save him.

I have realized that visible properties and momentary achievements, which we consider as the goals in our life is simply an illusion and mirage on our minds, but natural truth is the only reality for all creatures including human being on this planet. We must survive happily for the fullest life until the mother nature asks us to leave this planet. But, the greatest war in this world is the war within us since everything is within our minds.  

Basic Information

I started my professional career in 1990 at the age of early sixteen with: (i) Save the Children-Norway (Redd Barna); (ii) Japan Medical Association (JMA)/School and Community Health Project (SCHP); (iii) UK Government's Department for International Development (DFID)/Rural Access Program (RAP); (iv) United Nations Population Fund, Country Technical Services Team for South and West Asia (UNFPA CST for SAWA Countries); (v) Himalaya Broadcasting Company (HBC) Radio Station; (vi) Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers through Strengthening the Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers Project funded by DFID under the UK Aid; (vii) DFID/Enabling State Program-Nepal; (viii) United Nations Children Fund/Regional Office for South Asia (UNICEF/ROSA); (ix) United States Agency for International Development (USAID)/International Foundation of Electoral System (IFES); (x) USAID/National Democratic Institute (NDI); (xi) Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA); (xii) Asian Development Bank (ADB)/Nepal Residence Mission. Moreover, I was working with National Entrepreneurship Development Center (NEDC); a federated apex body of  UNDP/MEDEP and MEDPA’s fifty-three district based partner NGOs; created and backstopped by UNDP/Micro Enterprise Development Program (MEDEP), which is a joint initiative and funding of United Nations Development Program (UNDP); Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) under Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID) of Australian Government; Department for International Development (DFID) of the UK Government; Canadian Agency for International Development (CIDA) of Canadian Government; New Zealand Agency for International Development (NZAID) of New Zealand Government; and MEDEP and MEDPA Programs/Projects are executed by Government of Nepal (GON)/Ministry of Industry.

I have involved in more than a dozen of the international organizations during more than two decades of my progressive professional careers, covering multilateral (UN Agencies - -UNFPA and UNICEF Regional Offices, ADB Nepal Residence Mission); bilateral (JICA Nepal Office); unilateral (Japan Medical Association); international non-governmental organization (Save the Children-Norway); private sector (HBC Radio); and bilateral and multilateral donors funded Programs/Projects under the UK Government’s DFID and American Government’s USAID cooperation including UNDP/MEDED funded NEDC. Moreover, I feel proud as my duty station was at the Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers at the PM Office of Nepal in order to implement the Strengthening the Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers Project under the UK Aid through DFID. I am, therefore, able to understand the governmental working procedures and practices at the central level, where I worked in a close coordination with GON’s line ministries and departments as well as commissions, judiciary, legislative and executive bodies. I have also worked in mutual cooperation and coordination with different districts based GON headquarters, particularly with DAOs, LDOs, DPOs as well as grassroots level urban and rural local bodies, specifically, I/NGOs, CBOs, VDCs and development partners, etc., while implementing different Programs/Projects at the field level throughout my tenure with previous employers, where I actively participated as a team member for several missions, researches, supervisions, trainings, monitoring and evaluations, needs assessments, situation analysis and many other project related activities both for the program/technical as well as administrative/operational purposes such as internal auditing, etc. I have successfully completed fifteen different administrative and programme related designations covering from supportive role such as receptionist to secretarial, assistant, officer, supervisory, consultancy, acting project coordinator and up to the executive director levels in different periods, where I implicated from administrative/operational to program/technical roles. I have worked in coordination and cooperation among the most backward rural communities at grassroots level including urban population in approximately forty-five districts as well as with the district headquarters and central Government of Nepal since 1990.

Trainings and Seminars

I have attended approximately forty-five short-term training courses and participated on many learning events and opportunities, particularly on seminars and workshops in order to enhance my career with the international organizations. Moreover, I have also actively worked as a team member through my previous employers to provide general support and facilitate national, regional and international training courses, seminars and workshops in the past. I have developed a reading habit of different books, literatures and journals to make my know-how stronger, which directly contributed for my career enhancement as well as to broaden the positive mindset in maintaining optimistic personality during difficult circumstances in my life.

Higher Education

I used to regularly study various kinds of literatures in different subject matters up to 2:00-3:00am in every day to quench my deep-rooted learning hunger from my childhood. As a result, I used to be always the first or second boy in classes in my entire school education and class monitor to control class-mates in case of absence of teachers, which directly contributed me to shape my nature for self-confidence, hard working and democratic leadership qualities in my present life. As far as my pedagogical background is concerned, I have obtained Double Masters Degree in the mainstream of the business studies/management and arts/humanities i.e. Masters in Business Studies (MBS) and MA Rural Development, both in the first divisions. Moreover, I have also completed the third master degree in the Public Administration (MPA), although I have one back paper of twenty marks for final certification.

My Life’s Journey

My father and mother tied social-knot in their home district in Gulmi (hilly region), which is also my birth place, where I spent up to the age of my four years. Later on, I spent two years in Gorakhpur’s army camp including Nicharaul in UP/Bihar of India. Moreover, I spent additional four years of my childhood in my own hometown in Triveni Bazaar, Nawalparashi district (terai belt). Similarly, I spent my childhood after the age of ten years in different places of Lalitpur and Kathmandu, both in rural and urban areas of the capital, as I was grown-up in this valley from the age of ten. I migrated to Kathmandu from my hometown when I was 10 years in 1984 and still living at the same place. I have intensively travelled and spent quality times with the various communities, casts, creeds and religions across India and Nepal. I have visited 45 rural and urban districts in Nepal and thoroughly travelled many parts of Indian cities including Tibet, Thailand, Singapore and Philippines. Similarly, I have closely worked with different nationalities of many countries with my previous employers, who are multilateral, bilateral and unilateral organizations in developmental sector based in Kathmandu, Nepal. Subsequently, I am able to easily understand different natives’ dialects, cultures, customs, practices and life styles among the diversified communities in India and Nepal as well as other parts of the world as I have closely worked with the international communities from the early teenage of my life.

I, therefore, can easily mix-up with different casts, creeds, religions and ideologies. Such kind of open mindset made me very liberal minded and respect for the co-existence of other people and communities as nothing is above the humanitarian sentiment on this planet. I am, therefore, can easily adopt with local situations and diversified groups of people with different values and ethos in life, which is a basic requirement to work in a team for the client orientation in the competitive world, where individuals may have their own varied personalities that will be the human resource assets for any organizations, if we properly manage and mobilize them for the institutional benefit purpose.

My Extra Skills

I can independently support for trainings, seminars and workshops; conduct interviews; I can draft articles, journals, reports, proposals as well as poems/songs after necessary literature review; translate documents from Nepali to English and vice versa; delivery of lectures for students from school to masters degree courses after proper preparation; prepare report/data presentation; focused group discussions; coordination, liaison and other administrative as well as program related roles and responsibilities as per organizational requirements because I can immediately update and upgrade myself for the assigned responsibilities for my new roles. 

My Cumulative Experience

I always tried to be a generic and accordingly groomed myself from my early childhood to be a flexible person in my life as well as for the professional career in order to adjust with the existing circumstances and market demand. I persistently attempted to broaden my horizons in my life and never confined myself within a limited framework. I, therefore, have successfully worked in fifteen positions with more than a dozen organizations and experienced job assignments both in administrative/operational as well as program/technical fields. Moreover, being a student under multiple disciplines, particularly three masters degree holder in the mainstream subjects on management, rural development and public administration courses, I can work for administration, operational, finance, development, economics, communication, coordination, reporting, planning, budgeting, socio-economic and psycho-social developmental sectors. Furthermore, to be more specific and precise, I can independently handle the multiple capacities in the cross-cutting sectors viz receptionist, secretary, assistant, analyst, officer, supervisor, coordinator, specialist, manager, director, etc., which directly depends on the nature and volume of organization, annual operational turnover and number of employees.   

My Working Strategies

I am extremely punctual in my commitments and hardly leave the workplace until completion of the assigned responsibilities despite working late hours and weekend. I am single so that I can spend any hours of my personal time for the timely completion of the allocated tasks and meet the official deadlines. I have clearly understood the value of time and priorities management in the workplace. I try my best for the clients’ orientation, teamwork, shared organizational visions, missions and goals to achieve institutional targets. I never compromise for the quality outputs and delivery of timely results in my performance in modern result-based management system. As the performance based evaluation process is the best indicator for the assessment of performance in a team. I prefer for the knowledge sharing, open communication, flexibility and mutual respects among the team members to be a team player. I always stress to work in a system approach for the institutional memory to enhance the sustainable development approach as in-and-out of people is usual procedure but institutions must function permanently.



  • MBS, MA, MPA
  • TU
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  • Development Agency
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Jawalakhel, Lalitpur, Kathmandu, Nepal
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