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Want to hook your readers and keep them hooked?

Here are five key essentials needed in every blog article.
How To Bait Your Hooks So That Your Readers Can't Let Go

Writing an article is like baiting a hook and casting your line into the sea of the social web.

If you don’t have the right hooks and the right bait, you’re not going to make a catch.

It will bob along the surface for a while, ignored and eventually forgotten.

But you’re not some run-of-the-mill content fisherman. You’re an angler of the digital pen. You’ve done your research, you know your audience, and you know where they congregate and what they need.

Yet, before you cast your line, make sure your hooks are in place. A good article has five of them.

Do you know what they are?

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Here Come The Goodies!
Here It Comes!

Within the hour, I will be sending out today's batch of goodies to the Insiders. This is my favorite part of Monday, when I get to spoil my favorite people.

Below you can catch a quick teaser of the images that will be offered in the email, free for your online use without worrying about licensing or attribution.

In addition, you'll receive the most recent articles published on

It's coming. Get excited.

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Ever struggle to come up with ideas?

Here are 5 simple ways to unleash the bottomless well of inspiration.
5 Super Simple Ways To Never Run Out Of Ideas
Inspiration is a fickle mistress.

You woo her. You court her. You do everything in your power to seduce her, pleading for her visitation that you may pour forth your prose onto the page.

But Inspiration will not be courted. She comes when it suits her, with no thought to the schedules of those she visits.

For creatives like us, the fickle nature of creativity can be frustrating and debilitating. We sit, staring at an empty screen, willing the kernel of an idea to take root in our imagination and drip from our fingertips.

All the while, the empty page taunts us.

Take your power back. Here are 5 ways to win Inspiration’s heart, and never be left without an idea again.

Read It Here:

#SocialMedia  #Blogging #Inspiration

Shout-out to +Ryan Hanley, +Jeff Goins, and +Mike Allton who are cited in the article.
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Here Come The Goodies!
Here They Come!

Within the hour, I will be send this week's batch of goodies to my favorite people - the Insiders.

In this week's email, you'll find these four photos - two of which are normally only available to Premium members. (See? It's good to be on the inside...)

This is my favorite part of the week, when I get to spoil those people whose encouragement and support drives what I do. Thank you.

The email is going out within the hour.

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See you in your inbox!

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Do We Wonder At The Sexualization Of Our Culture?

When Old Navy is selling 'boyfriend skinny' jeans to 6 year old girls, what does that communicate? I see three glaring societal problems right up front:

1. It communicates that 6 year olds (SIX YEAR OLDS!) should be on the market boyfriend-hunting. Way to steal childhood, +Old Navy 

2. It implicitly communicates that the ability to have a boyfriend is tied to how skinny one is. Way to fuel eating disorders, +Old Navy 

3. It reinforces the sexualization of our bodies. It makes sexual allure the basis for our wardrobe choices, and abandons any pretense at self-respect. Admittedly this is pervasive in fashion, not just with +Old Navy, but directing this emphasis in marketing to six year olds? Really?

I don't shop at +Old Navy anyhow, nor do I have six year old daughters to take shopping. I can tell you , however, that +Old Navy won't be one of my destinations when I do.

#children   #fashion   #culture  
Hey +Old Navy, you know what's not cool? Sexualizing my 6-year old daughter's jeans, by labeling them as "boyfriend skinny." Way to make it an uphill battle for a dad trying to teach her what's important.

(And please, feel free to reshare and amp the signal.)
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Yep! It's Monday!

...and that means another round of goodies!
Tomorrow Is Goodie Day...

Tomorrow is Monday, and that means goodies for the Insiders.

It's sort of my way of helping in the battle against the Monday blues. By tomorrow evening, all of you on the Insider's list will get an email filled with rocking photos for your site as well as a collection of articles and resources to help you amplify your web presence. 

Consider it my weekly "thank you for being part of the BlogPhoto community" email.

Not on the list? Let's fix that.

Get On The Insider's List:
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If you're a blogger wondering how to build a following, this is for you.
How To Get Read When You Have No Audience

If you’re a writer, you want readers.

And yet, most blogs will plateau around 100 visitors a day. Some won’t even make it that far, and there is nothing more disheartening than pouring your heart and soul into incredible content only to stare at a flatline on Google Analytics.

So how do we break through? How do we connect our material with our ideal audience, and begin to generate that buzz?

It’s not magic. It just requires a shift in our thinking.

Here are five actionable principles for getting read when you have no audience.

Read It Here:

Shoutout to +Joanna Penn, +Christine DeGraff , +Ronnie Bincer , and +Derek Halpern who are mentioned in the article.
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Trying To Build Your Audience?
Here's How To Get Readers When Nobody Is Reading You Yet

Coming tomorrow...
How To Get Read
...When You Have No Audience

Audiences don’t build themselves… except when they do.

When you hit a critical mass, the power of word-of-mouth takes over, and the buzz surrounding your work draws in more readers. Unfortunately, to tap into the power of word-of-mouth, you must first have mouths that are actually talking.

…and you don’t have an audience.

So how do you develop avid readers when you have nobody actually reading your work?

You stop waiting for them to come to you, and you go to them instead.

Tomorrow, I’ll show you how. Stay tuned.

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Free Yourself
Writing Badly Frees You To Write Beautifully

Perfectionism is the assassin of creativity.

If you want to move from writing good content to writing great content, you have to free yourself to write bad content.

It is only when we allow ourselves that freedom that we can capture that creative spark. Then, when it is on the page, we hone it into something that sparkles.

Here are five steps for making poor content the key to greatness.
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The Secret To Writing Great Content
Is Writing Bad Content

What do I mean? Stay tuned, tomorrow I'll share with you a secret that many of the greatest writers of our time knew how to capitalize on.
Want To Be A Better Writer?
Stop Being Afraid To Write Bad Content

Hemingway was a wordsmith that couldn't spell.

His editors hated it. His manuscripts were so full of errors that they would constantly lecture Hemingway on the need to improve his spelling.

Hemingway's response? "That's what I pay you for."

What Hemingway understood is that to write great content, you have to stop being afraid to write bad content. In fact, some of the best writing starts off as a train wreck.

But you don't have to make that mistake. Tomorrow, I want to show you how to write poorly so that you may publish greatness.

Stay tuned.

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