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(misha) Metafilter, (LitChick) Mefightclub, CoolMomsRule
(misha) Metafilter, (LitChick) Mefightclub, CoolMomsRule

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So glad someone posted this to AskMe. While Metafilter's change to an activist site is becoming more official now, it had jumped the shark on actually being a general interest community website some time ago. The long term users being harassed off the site, being told by moderation to stay out of discussions they paid to contribute to, and now several even being permabanned in the recent MetaTalk thread just put the final nail in the coffin. End of an era.

Ironically, mods are already getting pressured to delete the question I linked about where to find more open discussion. Who could argue against that? Apparently, some members who feel the hyperbolic parody represents them. And since it makes them look bad, they want it gone. Funny how that turned out. Defensive much? 

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Ed Sheeran's video for his new song, "A-Team". Saw him perform this live, just vocals and an acoustic guitar, and was so impressed I went off on an Amazon gifting spree . Class A drugs in the UK include heroin; the song's about a girl Ed Sheeran met while in a homeless center in London.

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Stolen from boygeorge's Metafilter FPP: As God is my witness, I thought rhinos could fly!

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*The link goes to the 2nd most critical review I have ever written. The penultimate, if you will. They pushed all my buttons with this one: Spam, under the guise of an educational tool, invoking the name of Shakespeare. Beware, unsuspecting English majors!

My MOST critical review*? Yeah, I'm writing it right now. Hell of a weekend, folks.

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Hardcore ramen noodle diet:

1. Boil water
2. Eat block of ramen
3. Drink boiled water
4. Snort flavored powder

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My team is just $25 short of reaching our (pretty modest) goal. We have just 1 day left in the national fundraiser raising money for the fight against breast cancer. Tomorrow is National Denim Day. I'm posting my team's link below if you are interested (donations are tax deductable!).

And remember to wear your jeans tomorrow! Unless you don't have any jeans. But who doesn't have jeans?! Oh, well, if you don't have any jeans, just go pantsless in solidarity. I'm told the proper term is "Afterpants". So go Afterpants tomorrow!

Unless you are at work. Your coworkers might not appreciate that.Although, if you work in the porn industry? Just go for it!

2 and a half Men opening scene a vile, vindictive crapfest. Sheen had substance abuse issues. What's your excuse, Lorre? Stay classy, CBS.

Ugh. So, Dancing with the Stars has apparently announced a new cast, and I get this email from ABC, so I check it out, and it's so ugly because one of the contestants is Chaz Bono and you would not believe all the hateful comments! The intolerance is just staggering--I was flagging about 7 out of every 10 comments, so I just closed the site.
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