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Great Senior Pics!
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Senior Pictures Round 1
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The Most Exciting Story I've Read in a Long Time
Einstein's theory of relativity is always stated that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light. The research being conducted toda y may prove Einstein right, but that he may not have the last word on being able to travel to the stars. Let's hope he...

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Media Memes and Bias
I remember this story , and the media pile on after...and not being able to refute it back then. I mean, they all said the turkey was fake, and a symbol for all that was wrong with the Bush administration. Yet it was the story that was a fake. I am constant...

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This Is Certainly a Distraction From Obamascare...
We will lift the sanctions if you promise you'll "be good." I'm sure Iran will keep her word to Obama, aren't you?

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A Social Media Fast
It's been tough, and it's only a few hours old. As I'm looking through the web, I keep finding articles I want to share, and then realize I can't. Hmmmm. Facebook withdrawal. Wonder how long it will last?

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"I guarantee you will keep your coverage." Apparently not. But does it really matter to the Obamabots? Probably not. Sadly, probably not.

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Cydonia. The Lion of Mars
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