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It’s that time of the year again

I love and dread this time of the year and I’m sure its relatable why. Fall is harvest time, of course, but there are numerous other activities that are going on at the same time as harvest. Weddings, fall projects, winter preparation, trail riding, bow hunting, midterm exams, and everything you said you’d get done this year but haven’t, are all on your mind at harvest time or interfering with the school.
At my time at Purdue, I have been lucky enough to go home from time to time and help farm or help with a project that someone has. I have had a few opportunities to get my horses out and get them on the trails. I have tried to do these things while I also have had soil judging and midterm exams. Add it all together and you’ve got a busy mess that is more fun and stress than I know how to really explain. Best thing I know to do is get a good enough grade to keep my head out of the water and enjoy the time as much as you can. Fall only comes once a year so enjoy it all that you can.

Stay safe and watch out for spiders

Jake Burke
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I am Jake Burke and I am a senior at Purdue University majoring in Agronomic Business and Marketing. I come from Galveston, Indiana where I grew up raising horses and a few goats along with various other critters. I have always worked with my grandpa farming row crops and have recently started my own small hay operation. My pass times include working horses, roping calves, and driving around lost. This past summer I worked with Sean Casteel at Purdue maintaining soybean research plots and assisting grad students with their projects. I am continuing to work through the school year which helps to get my mind off of school work.
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