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Why I run?
In 2014 I had never run further than the end of my street, except if you count the time I ran 800m at school in under 2min 30 and nearly died.  I wasn't a runner.  I simply could not understand why people ran.  It just did not compute.   To understand why I...

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April Running update
Well April [and almost May] seems to have just flown by so quickly!  I really am trying to keep on top of these running updates.   The 1st April was a Saturday which can only mean 1 thing, parkrun!  I took this one steady and recorded one of my slowest time...

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A weekend Glamping in Mablethorpe
The girls have been asking for some time to go camping.  Whilst I love camping, I was a little apprehensive at the prospect of pitching a tent with 3 tired and hungry children and doing so in the dark.  The idea, therefore, of glamping was certainly very ap...

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Scooby Doo to the rescue
Keeping three children entertained when out and about can be very tricky.  We often travel on trains to explore local areas, or travel away for a weekend.  I try to pack as light as possible and that also means taking as little electronics as possible too. ...

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The Yvolution Y glider deluxe scooter : Review
Now the weather is getting a little warmer the kids are wanting to join me more on my runs.  I love taking them with me and exploring the outdoors with them.  They love to be active and outdoors and are always looking for an adventure.  Whilst we spend all ...

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L.O.L. Surprise! Easter hunt
Part of our Easter traditions is an Easter egg hunt.  With some nice weather we decided to head out into the garden and have a practise egg hunt.  Hidden in the garden was 7 objects from L.O.L. Surprise!  The girls and dogs were ready and waiting to take pa...

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SY Road League race 1
The South Yorkshire road league is a series of 4 races, each one taking place on a Wednesday evening at 7pm and at various locations in South Yorkshire.  Each race is 5 miles in total.  The first race was held at Lodge Moor in Sheffield.  This part of Sheff...

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Silkstone Shuffle race 1
Race 1 of the Silkstone Shuffle, another local race series to which I decided to enter them all.  This was a race I had heard lots about.  Everyone told me the same thing, it starts with a very big hill so take it steady.  I wasn't really sure what to expec...

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Spencer's Dash
Spencer's dash is another series of races local to me.  I decided to sign up for the series, as to be honest if you run them all it works out cheaper and you also get a t-shirt.  I wasn't 100% sure what to expect, but I vaguely knew the route.   Starting on...

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A sunny weekend
I love how it is starting to warm up.  Given the nice weather there can only be one place to spend it, in the garden.  This also gave me plenty of opportunity to play with the camera and practise with the different settings.  I love watching and capturing t...
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