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Funny Face
This pole has a gnome face, don't you think so ? anyway it made me laugh :)

+Powerline Friday curated by +Natosha Davis #powerlinefriday
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This one has an amusing pointy-topped pole! I like the royal blue vignetting.
definitely, and kind of mischievious ;)
Looks like a pole they are going to hook a trapeze to! Let the circus begin!
Wonderful! This pole should be the star of a new cartoon for children :)
Good catch! Looks like a scarecrow...funny... :)
hehehehe, I see that face. Looks like somebody is getting cross-eyed too.
mylah !!! cross-eyed, you made me laugh so loud :D hmmm i must admit i have personally a wild eye, LOL ;) thank you +Mylah Nazario :)
Didn't see you hear for a long time +Catherine Furet... hope everything is OK.
I'm doing so so Catherine Furet, thanks for asking back.
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