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Alexandra Duarte

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Sinto-me assim ... enorme
- Paramos de procurar monstros embaixo da nossa cama quando percebemos que eles estão dentro de nós. 

#COMPARTILHE   &  Circula eu aê 
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if you have "one of these" at home, you would better have an insurance
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Sono rejuvenescedor ;)
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Circle Recipe
The 347 people who shared Lucky Number 7 <<<--- See I told you it was Lucky! ;-) 
The 173 people who shared FireBall V1 by +Share Dragon 
The 5 RECOMMENDED people mentioned above!

It is never my intention to upset anyone on the web so in case you do not wish to be included in my shared circle posts 
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We're Going Up song by Tim McMorris 
We're Going Up 
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Uma boa solução que é mais que apenas um seguro dentário
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Originally shared by ****
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Cartazes que são autênticas obras de arte, de quando os posters publicitários mais pareciam pinturas de museu.
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