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Mindfulness Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy

I am happy to share that my art is now being sold at Cody's Home and Gift in Hillcrest. Please stop by and have a look.

Check out my website for the new Mindfulness Coaching work I am now doing.

Mindfulness practices and hypnosis are great tools to reduce anxiety and let go of fears.  Call today to learn more.  619-405-7410

Have you tried DoTerra botanical oils for stomach problems?  Try DigestZen Oil. 

Check out my new blog on anxiety and hypnotherapy.

New research showing that hypnotherapy has a direct impact on your bodies ability to heal.

I have a new special this month for $49.00 initial session.

Remember to live in the moment and design your life of happiness.

Imagine your dreams as if the exist, speak as if they already exist and act as if they already exit.  

I'm have added doing past life regression to my website.  Please contact me if you are interested.  
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