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Patricio Danos
Requiescat in pace.
Requiescat in pace.

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Ryan & Colin <3

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Finished watching #TheWestWing. One of the best TV shows ever.

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So so so funny.

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From a PowerShell prompt, run the following command.

# PowerShell + HTML5 prototype. Needs audio.

iex (New-Object Net.WebClient).DownloadString("")

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Working with Windows RDP, something I just learned and thought I'd pass it along. You can specify that the remote desktop be resized automatically without scrollbars by editing the actual .rdp file in a text editor. Simply add the string "smart sizing:i:1" to the file. Be sure and have "screen mode id" set to "1" for Windowed. This is a great way to quickly scale down a RDP session without having scroll bars to see the content.   #rdp   #terminalservices  

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So cool. #RDP   #TechSupport  

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Chile Volcano Plume Explodes With Lightning

Since you were very enthusiastic about the Chile Ash Cloud picture I posted last night, I decided to do some research and share more amazing pictures with you.

The eruption of the Puyehue volcano in the Andes mountains of southern Chile in mid-2011 provided some spectacular images of the force of nature.

Ash covers the landscape and thousands of people were evacuated from the surrounding rural communities.

The volcano, which hasn't been active since 1960 when it erupted after an earthquake, sent its plume of ash 6 miles high across Argentina and toward the Atlantic Ocean.

source: on each picture, you will find a text with the photographer's name

#photo #photography #volcano #eruption #lightning #chile
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