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100 days of pixels: day 1

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10 things they don't tell you about building a giant crime fighting robot...
1. Scale: most crime is fought on the human scale, between 1.5 and 2
meters, and your average Giant Crime Fighting Robot easily tops 30
meters. Also, a lot of it occurs indoors, where it is difficult for
Giant Crime Fighting robots to easily reach. It is...

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First Shot at Pixel Art
This is my first attempt at pixel art (if you don't count all those years of messing around with MS Paint.) It is rock based off of this tutorial . There's a lot of obvious flaws in this one, but hopefully, with the help a lot of good tutorials and practice...

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I keep trying to pretend I am a digital painter
  I created this picture for a friend of mine's Halloween show this year. It is simple, and like most of my digital pieces, I an see a 1000 plus flaws in it, but they are happy with it, and that is what matters most. I am, though, proud of the slow, increme...

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Animated Video - A Gift From the Sea
Does anyone even use Flash anymore? For me it is just an easy animating tool for basic projects. I remember a lot of artists early on using Flash like candy for interactivity on their websites, but I figured a lot of that has been replaced with other respon...

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New Album plug
Future Damage  - psypunk from New Jersey S/T by Future Damage
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