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We're getting to the point where there are enough mid to high level people (level 4+) that lower level people who may live on campus and have no other means of transportation are kind of screwed. 

So I propose we make a gentlemen's agreement between factions and create a "kid's table" cluster of portals that has no higher than level 3 resonators so lower level people have something to fight over and level up. A cluster close together would be better than one portal because they can link and create fields and what not.

The best place I can see is around engineering and the frat statues. Here's two locations that we could use:

If both sides agree, we can just keep an eye on those portals, and if someone beefs them up then the other team's higher levels take them down and puts up appropriate resonators.


"NCandiano: UCF, this is all being done to you because of paperboy. I don't enjoy his antics with general groups. Not my thing. I prefer war. This is your notice."

-_- ....sigh

Out of curiosity, what level is everybody, and where are they based?

I'm level five and in the UCF area.

UCF is taking a pounding right now, anyone level six or above able to buff if I take some of it out?

Anyone have another invite code? I've got someone new who's eager to go green.

7sh5einsteinu8p6q more codes!


New code, don't know if it's expired or not though....

If anyone gets another invite anytime soon, my friend +William Craig drove me around winter park attacking portals until about 3am to get me leveled up, so I would like to pay him back.

Co-worker told me that an +Ingress invite would be unlocked if only I could get to level 2. Stayed up until 3 running around with +William Craig  gathering the five thousand needed to get him a sweet, sweet invite. Apparently, we were trolled. Womp,  womp. #ingress   #ingressinvite   #coworkerssuck   
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