Apple is the biggest pile of shit around.

OK so at work we have an apple or two. Long story but for updating some iPhones. So we need to run iTunes, except it wants Quicktime 7.5.5 or above or something. Googled quicktime to get the apple page but oh no, I have to update it through 'system update'. Hey that's kinda cool - bit like a linux repo. Anyway ran some updates (about 400 megs worth of java and a 'system fix' or some vague name) and rebooted as requested. Then ran system update again and have to update java... again. After I do that the system is 'up to date'.

Run itunes. You need quicktime 7.5.5 or above. Stupid. Google for the answer and apparently I need to manually download and run the update and click here for the page (apple/downloads or whatever). They have a list of 50 different downloads or so. I have no idea which version of mac os it's running so another Google later and I find how. So we have 10.5.8 on this machine.

Search apple for quicktime osx lion 10.5.8 or whatever and find a download for quicktime ... that needs 10.6.2 or higher. So I find a download for updating the os to 10.7 or so and it's a 1.2 Gig file! WTF. Hey apple, look at puppy linux and tell me how the fuck you can justify the 1.2 gig download?

So it's about time for me to go back and check on the download. Once that is done I should be able to download the updated quicktime, which will let itunes work so I CAN PLUG THE FUCKING PHONE IN!

Shit I'm not a windows fanboy but I'd take it anyday over apple.
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