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Forget the single market. Let's FORCE free trade on the EU by putting up retaliatory tariffs on imports from the continent wherever they make life difficult for British firms. Such is our balance of trade deficit with the continental EU states - we were in credit before we joined them - that we could cripple their economies in no time, forcing a climb-down.

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Big sister is watching you.

May was ahead of Brussels when she brought in the Snoopers' Charter. Now ALL Europeans will be monitored for their subversive opinions.

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Go on Trump, tell the warmists to shove it...

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Just like the last set of charges, for which he was found not guilty, this case is sooooo similar to all those other sex abuse allegations made against elderly white celebrities over the years - dubious evidence from dubious witnesses going back decades, with the implied promise of compo for the so-called victims.

Anyone would think it was just a police attempt to take our minds off endemic "Asian" grooming.

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Like an Islamic terrorist, Corbyn has blamed the Manchester bombing on foreign policy.
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