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No, filming the police is not illegal
Check out this article about a recent encounter between an Uber driver and a Wilmington police officer. After the driver, who also works as a defense attorney, was pulled over by police he began filming the encounter. The police officer falsely claimed that filming him was illegal and then proceeded to search the driver's vehicle. The incident is a reminder that not only is filming police legal, but it is also a good way to help ensure that one's constitutional rights are respected.

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NC Senate bill 619 - Ignition Interlocks for All DWI Offenders? 
This article talks about the Senate bill 619 that is under review, if it's passed each driver convicted of drunk driving would need to use an ignition interlock device. Read more and find out what changes could possibly happen and what they will entail.   

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Is white collar crime regulated by the government?
Take a look at this article to learn the roles that the Federal Trade Commission, the FBI and the Department of Justice have in preventing, investigating and prosecuting white collar crimes. Executives and employees who have been accused of violating federal regulations may benefit from representation by a criminal defense attorney who understands the federal justice system.
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