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People's KrAZes v2 update - Addon

Pack for Operation Flashpoint, adds new trucks of the Kremenchug car factory, type 219-257, edition - Civil, USSR, Resistance.


- KrAZ 219 (Bort)
- KrAZ 256 (Bort)
- KrAZ 221 (Tug)
- KrAZ 255L (Timber)
- KrAZ 255B (Drilling rig)
- KrAZ 256 (Flatbed)
- KrAZ 256 (Dumper)
- KrAZ 257 (Dumper)
- KrAZ 257 (Concrete mixer)
- KrAZ 257 (Crane)

- KrAZ 255B (Open)
- KrAZ 255B (Closed)
- KrAZ 255B (Kung)
- KrAZ 255B (Repair)
- KrAZ 255B (Tug)
- KrAZ 255B (Refuel)
- KrAZ 255B (Reammo)

- KrAZ 255B (Reammo)
- KrAZ 255B (Refuel)

Changes list:

✸V0 \ Release date unknown
- Convert cars from GTA:San Andreas.

✸V1.2 (hotfix 13) \ 04.12.2012
- Reduced size of the trucks;
- Working dashboard (+ fuel arrow);
- New types of trucks: fuel truck, ammunition, drilling rig;
- Rename classes, arranged models and textures;
- Fix textures;
- Fix proxy (driver of timber truck);
- Fix collisions;
- Fix texture Kung and Tug Truck for USSR side;
- Balanced wheel strength;
- Balanced weight;
- Automatic assignment of car numbers for USSR vehicles.

✸V2 \ 08.09.2016
- New low-poly models (LODs) for all trucks;
- Fix collisions for all trucks, add View and View Cargo collisions;
- Reworked types of trucks: types 219 and 221 now more individual, because they have some features;
- Add new trucks for side Resistance;
- New types of trucks: crane, concrete mixer, platform, tanker and ammunition (side resistance);
- Renamed a few classes, models and textures;
- Reworked and replaced some of the texture;
- Animated and scripted moving mechanisms rig trucks, mixer, manipulator (have ornamental value);
- Different engine sounds for different types of trucks;
- Add new sounds of engine (On and Off) and new sounds for mechanisms;
- Add new features - hidden textures for transported cargo. You can make different types of cargo textures (sand, gravel, etc.).;
- The salon added gearshift lever;
- Added 2D-projection engine under the hood;
- New config;
- The new model and texture logs for timber truck;
- A new, darker color - military green for some trucks (USSR and Civil);
- For the engine compartment lattice models for all types, added intersecting rail form a triangle.

✸Known issues:
- Through the glass you can not see other models or parts of models;
- No lighting of the dashboard (requires replacement of polygons models).

Download (v2): http://goo.gl/NRK4do
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