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Hot Patch 1.99-1.96 is a our patch for Arma: CWA 1.99. It changes your game’s version from 1.99 to 1.96 and adds 1.96 servers support, which are the most.
Patch also includes 1.96c server.

Changes list:

✸V7 \ patch_custom_1.96_stable_v1_lic_bis.exe [updated 18.03.14]
- Added qualitative game’s localization;
- Fixed class errors of Products.cfg;
- Deleted old "exe"(1.46);
✸V71 \ patch_custom_1.96_stable_v86_lic_bis.exe [updated 19.03.14]
- Merged both versions’ localizations;
- Removed useless files;
- Optimized patching process;
- Now after uninstalling 1.99 localization remains working (no need to reinstall the game).
✸V87 \ patch_custom_1.96_stable_v88_lic_bis.exe [updated 21.04.14]
- Added ability to select config.
✸V88 \ patch_custom_1.96_stable_v88_lic_bis.exe [updated 22.04.14]
- Now, game’s path will be automatically selected, so pirated versions of the game are not supported. Patches will be released with locked string.
✸V94 \ patch_custom_1.96_stable_v94_lic_bis.exe [updated 17.06.14]
- Corrected edited files;
- Added Czech and Polish. Corrected localizations;
- Backup let you to revert the game to initial state after reinstalling. (If you are installing localization different from existing);
- Combine Resource.bin и Config.bin;
- Added ability to install original Resource.bin from 1.99 optimized for 1.96;
- Added protection from casual reinstallation;
- Combined Preferences.exe for all localizations;

Video manuals:
✸[Steam] -> https://youtu.be/8o_IXEPB2Lo
✸[BI Version] -> https://youtu.be/vwwOc1vxmXg

Download link: ↓↓↓

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