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'Black Server' - OFPR Server

'Black Server' by [4RTech] OFP Clan - where players can use both versions 1.99 and 1.96. Basis of this server - version 1.96c, which means that missions that use new game commands (such as getposASL) will most likely not work, but we decided the main task - players of both versions can play together!

Changes list :
✸ V1 \ 11.03.2017
- Masterserver changed to "master.ofpisnotdead.com". When you start server it will automaticly attach to the new MS;
- Fixed DDoS hole, now no messages about new connectors when server is locked;
- Both version of clients supports here (1.99 and 1.96).

Download link (v1) : https://goo.gl/F7qwUI
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