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Sagging Hopes for Trump’s Growth Plans
By Roy C. Smith Trump-drama may be
obscuring an important reality – the US is still stuck in a 2% growth mode with
little relief in sight. The real culprits may be the professional politicians
of both parties. Since Mr.
Trump’s election there has been stron...

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Infrastructure Illusions
By Roy C. Smith Last week in Saudi Arabia, Mr. Trump announced a series of
deals to generate new jobs and growth in the US. One of these was a $20 billion
(nonbinding) commitment by the Saudi sovereign wealth fund to a $40 billion
private equity infrastruct...

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America’s Former Spanish Colonies at Painful Crossroads
by Roy C. Smith Puerto Rico’s $73 billion bankruptcy, the largest ever among
US municipalities, brings to mind the sad history of two former Spanish
colonies in the Caribbean – the other being Cuba - annexed to the US in 1898
after the Spanish-American War....

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Passive Investing is Changing Everything, at a Price
By Roy C. Smith Eight years into a bull market in which the S&P 500 has
tripled, investors seem to have given up on active managers, preferring index
funds and ETFs instead. Survey after survey have shown that the overwhelming
majority of active managers ha...

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Have Business Schools Ruined Capitalism?
By Roy C. Smith Ross Sorkin’s review of The
Golden Passport by Duff MacDonald raises again the question of whether
Harvard Business School (and all other business schools) should be blamed for
the ethical hollowing out of modern capitalism.   Apparently Mac...

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The Re-Birth of Citigroup
by Roy C. Smith The Economist recently observed that “Citigroup’s decade of agony is almost over,” and now
all it needs to is be able to demonstrate that it can grow again. That will not
be so easy. After a decade of focusing on just surviving, it now has t...

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Can Trump Deliver on Growth?
 by Roy C. Smith “This is the winter of our [economic] discontent, made
glorious summer by this son of [New] York.” Shakespeare’s opening lines from
Richard III, modestly paraphrased, seems to explain the appeal of Donald Trump
to his supporters. Economic d...

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Trump’s Executive Order on Finance Might Just Work Out Best
By Roy C. Smith Mr. Trump’s executive
order on Dodd Frank and financial regulation announced on Feb. 3 doesn’t seem
like much of a shake up – all it did really was ask for a study -   but it may turn out to be the easiest way to
address his tough anti-bank ...

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Financial Reforms Will Favor US Banks
By Roy C. Smith Stock markets have
been especially kind to US and European banks since the Trump election, and
last week’s announcement of an executive order to reduce financial regulation
added a further boost. But, regulatory relief will be slow in coming...

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