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Smashing video!

Gabi Helfert

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Hope you're all having a great time!
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merry holidays to you all too~
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Gabi Helfert

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Maybe the charities should concentrate on providing free haircuts, showers, and suits instead of meals?

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He's not only strong and compassionate, he's also got brains (graduated in psychology, which, contrary to popular belief, is a massively scientific education). He's one of the good guys.

Gabi Helfert

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"In 2009 researchers from the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency published their projections of the greenhouse gas consequences if humanity came to eat less meat, no meat, or no animal products at all. The researchers predicted that universal veganism would reduce agriculture-related carbon emissions by 17 percent, methane emissions by 24 percent, and nitrous oxide emissions by 21 percent by 2050. Universal vegetarianism would result in similarly impressive reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. What’s more, the Dutch researchers found that worldwide vegetarianism or veganism would achieve these gains at a much lower cost than a purely energy-focused intervention involving carbon taxes and renewable energy technology. The upshot: Universal eschewal of meat wouldn’t single-handedly stave off global warming, but it would go a long way toward mitigating climate change."  #vegan   #climatechange   #emissions   #renewableenergy   #food   #sustainability  
The meat industry is one of the top contributors to climate change, directly and indirectly producing about 14.5 percent of the world’s anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions, and global meat consumption is on the rise. People generally like eating meat—when poor people start making more money, they almost invariably start buying...
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Gabi Helfert

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Interesting new research at our school on emotional contagion in group decision making - and its potentially disastrous effects. (And thumbs up to +Ramses Singeling for a very convincing premiere piece!)
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Gabi Helfert

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I finally managed to upload a few of my photos from a visit to Barcelona in 2014. Here's a selection of the vertical ones.
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Gabi Helfert

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Hilarious. Shows the ridiculousness of trying to defend the consumption of animals. 

Gabi Helfert

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Happy to live in Rotterdam! And I love the voiceover voice choice!

Gabi Helfert

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It's long, but it was necessary. 
Airplane disasters are always terrible. Different from ground accidents, they almost certainly lead to the death of many, if not all passengers, because gravity, a lack of pressure in high altitudes, and the huge amounts of fuel everyone is sitting on are three huge risk accelerators when ...
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Gabi Helfert

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How to improve the quality of the outcomes from your brainstorming sessions. #innovation #ideas #management
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