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Type: Twitter Chat Event with SPECIAL GUEST + FREE PRIZE DRAW
Event Date: Thursday 26th April
Time: 1pm PT / 4pm ET / 9pm BST
Hashtag: #SWChat

Topic: Social Project Management
"Social Project Management is the completion of projects through colalborative tools that encourage transparency, autonomy, and connectedness among team members, In Social Project Management, the planning, scheduling and updating of plans and deliverables is often distributed or decentralized, allowing virtual, remote and distributed teams to achieve more efficiency". - Liz Pearce

Special Guest: Liz Pearce from Liquid Planner

Liz is COO of Liquid Planner and a keynote speaker at the Social Workplace Conference 2012 in London on May 24th.

Liz will be sharing the correlation between Social Project Management and Enterprise Collaboration and how to make project life more efficient, more effective and more fun - a prelude to her keynote speech at the conference.

FREE PRIZE DRAW - worth £480 ($770)
During the 1 hour event (see start time above), include the hashtag #SWCONF along with the standard #SWChat hashtag in your tweets and you will be automatically entered into our prize draw where you could win a FREE Social Workplace Conference Ticket 2012 worth £480! (~770 USD)

Every tweet you do that includes #SWCONF as well as the standard #SWChat hashtag during the allotted time is another entry into the prize draw. The more tweets you do, the more entries you have, the better chance of winning.

' The only excuse for not being social in the workplace is a sorry one #SWChat #SWConf '

@hashtracking are kindly providing the reports of all tweets during the event and Crexia (organisers of the conference) will select a tweet at random from the report as the winner.

Come and join us for what promises to be another exciting event (though only people who want to engage in conversation with others are welcome!).

Some predefined questions will be provided for the event, however it is encouraged that all participants engage with Liz Pearce and ask their own questions.

All content shared throughout the event will be made available to participants in the post event summary.

Q1) How do you see project management evolving to match the needs of a social business?
Q2) What do you see as the key differentiators between standard and social project management techniques?
Q3) Do you see social project management evolving to require its own certification like Prince2?
Q4) Where do you see the correlation between business collaboration and social project management?
Q5) Social project management promotes transparency and engagement. But who embraces and who resists?
Q6) How has social design pioneers like Facebook and Twitter influenced project management today?
Q7) In 140 characters or less, what sales pitch would you give to a CEO to evolve to social project management?

This event is sponsored by The Social Workplace Conference, in London, May 24th.

For more information about the conference visit http://www.crexia.com/conferences/social-workplace
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