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wow look what i find on Google  maps
We love Google Maps fans! Your enthusiasm for the new Google Maps is heartwarming :). 

If you’re still waiting for your invite, we really appreciate your patience as we continue to welcome more users around the world.

If you're using the new Google Maps, we’d love to hear your feedback right from the product: Don't forget to check out the Help Center for your FAQs:

#googlemaps #newgooglemaps

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Sweet were can I reserve that how much

                    Under water bedroom

Location :  Poseidon Undersea Resort, Fiji.

YouTube : Underwater resort in fiji

My saying is if you do not vote don't complain then that is only the fair thing am I right or not

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I went out with my nebigohor because I hot and I do what I want

I ate a homeless guy cos I hate myself.
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