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Deborah RusticPumpkin
Art in a Life Inspired by Gardening ~~~
Art in a Life Inspired by Gardening ~~~

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When Summer Rain and A Treasure Arrive at the Cottage
Hello Friends! Thank you, and a
heartfelt welcome, to several new followers who have found their way here in
the last few days. I hope you enjoy my ramblings and photography, and I love it
when you join in and leave a comment to say “hello!” Before I share ...

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Autumn Whispers on the Morning Air ~~~
Hello Friends! “There are two times of year:
waiting for Autumn, and Autumn” As we slide, softly, sometimes scorchingly, into mid summer, and July is over half way spent, my mind turns more and more to that most delicious season of them all ~ Autumn ~ when ...

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Sweet Summer Succulents
Hello Friends! Heartfelt thanks to all who sent wishes for a speedy recovery.  I'm getting there slowly, and as any of you who suffer with back problems of any kind these things take time and lots of care in movement!  At least I am able to walk about almos...

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Short and Sweet
Hello Friends! First, a heartfelt, country welcome to all my new followers.  You've found your way here by different hosts {Google, Networked Blogs, etc} and no one has told me you are here, but I've noticed my numbers have gone up! So happy you have joined...

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Glam Rock Rules the Garden
Hello Friends! There’s been a proper mixed bag of weather in the Shire of
late!  After the bad weather I spoke
about in my last entry {two weeks ago ~ where does the time go?} we had our
summer! Parts of the UK had heatwave conditions, but here in the west ...

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After The Rain ~~~
Hello Friends! After the rain comes ~~~ more rain!
We’ve taken quite a pasting with strong gales over the last few days, not only
here in the west, but right across the country. At one time over one hundred
twenty thousand {120,000} lightening strikes hit t...

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I'm A Wildflower ~ What Are You?
Hello Friends ~~~ June is upon us ~~~ how did that happen? I'm giddy
with delight ~ it's taken me a long, long time to realise this, but I am
a Wildflower!  How did I come to this? Well, it is simple ~~~ if you know me well, then you will know I'm a wild ch...

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Let There be Mint {and Basil}
Hello Friends! It is a glorious afternoon in the Shire, maybe at times a tad muggy, but then the wind freshens and whips it all away for a few minutes, and it is such
beautiful sunshine to lift my flagging spirits after several days of murk. Over the past f...

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Butter Bean and Avocado Tacos
Hello Friends ~~~ I've been looking for something a little different to give my taste buds a lift lately and this is one of the recipes I've come up with. It's still a work in progress, but then I do love to play with my food! As a vegetarian I'm always loo...

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Blossoms and Blooms
Hello Friends! It was
inevitable, I suppose, and last Tuesday evening with the most quietest of pings
my back went into a spasm and I've been in pain ever since. Thankfully, the
weather is inclement so I am not actually missing out on any gardening time,
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