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Deborah RusticPumpkin
Art in a Life Inspired by Gardening ~~~
Art in a Life Inspired by Gardening ~~~


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Nurtured by Nature
Hello Friends! You all know that I love where I live, and I feel deeply blessed to be where I am. There is a deep and ancient spirituality to the land, which you cannot fail to feel; open your heart and your spirit, throw open wide your welcoming arms, and ...

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If You Build It ~ They Will Come
Hello Friends! The wind blows; the wind slows The rain slices sideways in sudden, sharp downpours Hailstones pummel and sleet slushes We had so much rain in the last forty eight hours that when I stepped out on my lawn yesterday evening it was like walking ...

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Winter has a Heart ~ Memory Making
* a note to my readers ~ my computer is on it's last legs and I have struggled to put this together because periodically my typing does not enter on the screen. Consequently, for those of you who do leave a sweet comment, I should be able to publish, but ...

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A Blustery Day
Hello Friends! One thing you can guarantee is that our weather out in the west is windy!  We had two major storms and one hurricane back in October, but, other than a few days where the winds picked up a little over twenty five miles an hour, most of Novemb...

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Hello Friends! Some of you, who use social media will have seen a recent, on going, photography challenge, the Seven Days Black and White Photo Challenge. No people. No explanations. Just black and white images. I was nominated by my friend Maggie. I'm so h...

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The Hare in the Moon and The All~Seeing Eye
Hello Friends! Did you see the full Frost Moon last night? Ours was scuppered by cloud cover, which often happens here in the west.  In the middle of the night, I was woken by bright, silvery light gleaming in through some cracks in my not~so~tightly closed...

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Hello Friends! A few weeks ago, on a warm, sunshiny Autumn afternoon, we visited the pretty Pembrokeshire fishing village of  Porthgain.   You may remember a row of cottages, a pub, a post box and a red telephone kiosk, along with some fairly imposing indus...

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The Last Day of October
Hello Friends! Samhain Blessings! All Hallow's Eve Happy Hallowe'en! It is the last day of October ~ how did that happen?  Throughout the month we had two named storms, arriving much earlier than normal, and more worryingly we had a real hurricane that has ...

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Mushroom Village
Hello Friends! Recently, I came across a small group of the cutest
mushrooms imaginable. Perfectly formed, they seem to be just crying out for
doors, windows, and chimneys to make the sweetest little mushroom cottages for our
fairy and elemental friends ~~~...

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And All I Ask Is A Merry Yarn ~~~
Hello Friends! Being Welsh, poetry and music are in my soul, but my blood is also awash with salt water, for I cannot bear to be more than a few miles from the sea at any time. I love the sea, in all her many moods, from the sinister, glassy green swirls am...
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