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Secure Shell for Android
Secure Shell for Android


ConnectBot v1.9.0-alpha1 has been released into alpha. Please report any new issues you encounter.

Known Issues:
- Connecting to SSH servers using 521-bit EC key does not work 100% of the time.

ConnectBot is getting ready to release the v1.9 series into the beta group! If you're not part of this group yet and can't wait to test, visit our testing opt-in page:

Also we need help translating the new strings in the upcoming release. If you speak another language, please help us out!
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ConnectBot v1.8.5 has been released into alpha. Please report any new issues you encounter.

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Should ConnectBot stop requesting the "Write to External Storage Permission?" Originally it was added as a request to make local shell usage more useful.

However, beginning in KitKat, it is possible to use the app-specific area of the SD card without permissions. It can also be set to only request write external storage permission pre-KitKat.

What do you think? Should ConnectBot shave off one extra permission?
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Yes, whittle the permissions down.
No, I use this functionality.
It should request it only pre-KitKat.
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We just release v1.8.4 to the beta channel. To see what has changed visit our changelog!

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Thanks everyone for your support! ConnectBot v1.8 series is now live in the Play Store.
Clicking the publish button on ConnectBot v1.8.2 at the pub!
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In preparation for the v1.8 release, we are asking for help translating the Play Store descriptions. Every effort is appreciated!

If you don't want to register for Launchpad, you can post the translations as comments on this post and we'll put them in.
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And for those of you who really can't wait to get features, here is the alpha-testing community to join!
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For those who want to start using the bleeding edge releases, click on the link!

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Join the ConnectBot beta testing community to test the new version of ConnectBot!
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