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巧克力满分 Chocolate Muffin
  这是为孩子做的早餐。小孩总是爱吃巧克力口味的。不管是蛋糕还是饼干。 本来原食谱是有放巧克力豆的,但是家里刚好没有,所以就省了。 他们到学校下课时享用,还带了一些请老师吃。 蛋糕还蛮松软的。不过, 还是要放到第二天才会更香更好吃。 也比较湿润。 孩子一人一粒就很饱了。  做这个蛋糕也蛮简单的,完全不需要用到电动搅拌机。只需用手做搅拌器就可以了。 所以,这是 100 % 人手操作的蛋糕。做法非常简单。 看看材料和做法吧。     材料:  鸡蛋 ---------- 2 粒 Dutch Lady Milk -...

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鱼鳔会豆腐 Braised Tofu with Fish Maw
          I brough this ready fried fish maw since Chinese New Year. My little son love to eat fish maw very much same as me. No matter is in the soup or braised like this.            Few time request from my son and now just have the tome to cook this for ...

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葡萄干小蛋糕 Raisin Cup Cake
    After rest for a long time, this is the first cupcake i have made. Is for my lovely sons breakfast tomorrow. Work together with my elder son. He was so excited to help.  Talking about this cake. The two boys favorite "raisin". But i replace the recipe c...

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肉碎日本豆腐 Japanese Tofu with Minced Meat
          Quite a long time i didn't post in my blog. Just have time to see see my blog. And here i bring my latest cook here.      Kids grow up very fast, now both of them go to school already. Kindergarten and Primary. My routine work now is sending them ...

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栗子焖鸡 Braised Chicken with Chestnut
   I haven cook this dish for a long time. That day go shopping and see some dry chestnut so gab some home. i ask my kids to help me to remove the skin of the chestnut. He ask me why got so many work to do when i want to eat this. I told him, if you want t ...

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釀玉环 Stuff Jade Ring
  这道菜肴的名字是我取的哦,釀玉环。好听吗? 所谓的玉环,也就是青瓜啦。 给他一个高贵的名字。儿子超爱吃。单单一个人就吃了4个了。 I name this recipe with Jade Ring, is that ok? Ha... Why? Actually is stuff cucumber, but i give them a special name. Do the cucumber ring just look like a jade? My son love this very much. ...

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杏仁南瓜子方块酥 Almond & Pumpkin Seed Florentines
 Another batch of baking this Almond &   Pumpkin Seed Florentines. Just do some modication and get another version of Crisp.   Recipe: 100 g           ..........          Florenta powder 150 g           ..........          Almond sliced   45 g           ......

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杏仁脆片 Almond Florentines
  This, can not be missed in this coming Chines New Years. So fragrant and crispy.   Like usual have to bake a big big container. My son keep asking for more and more when i am baking. I say can not, have to keep for Chinese New Year. If not will finish bef...

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燕菜生日蛋糕 Birthday Jelly Cake
Hello my dears blogger friends. How are you all? I have been a long time did not post in here. This is my latest production. Jelly Cake ---  is for my uncle birthday. I am very happy that he like this cake. I have been thinking a few days on what to do for ...

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蒸芝士小蛋糕 Steamed Little Cheese Cake
  Have been a time a didn't bake and steamed cake already. Today i decide to made this little cake for the two kids. This is really nice and yummy. The texture is very fluffy. Just love this. Here is the recipe for your revision. 材料 Ingredients : A  :鸡蛋 2 个...
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