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Pro Photographer, Trainer, Mac Fan

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Very confused over Handoff on my 11" Air - It has the correct' bluetooth module, but I now read that it needs ac wifi... is that correct?

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Anyone managed to get HandOff working with a mid-2011 11" air? Do I need to pair with Btooth on my iPhone first? Works fine on my iMac, but not the Air.

I don't even have the option to turn on HandOff in the Air pref panel. But checking system prefs shows that it does have the correct BTooth to work with HandOff.

I am running Yosemite Beta 3 on the Air (but also on the iMac)

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Great service for visualising Evernote and Dropbox - Well worth checking out.

Hi Don,

Thanks for the second part of WordPress - Just one quick question... I have the Jetpack / Publicise option set-up on exactly as you do. My question is around how Facebook choices an image when it cross posts, and, more importantly, why it doesn't resize the image to fit in the Facebook image box for the post.

It looks awful - Seems to pick up part of my site banner image... 

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Not a show suggestion, but a head-up for a great app that has removed all my loyalty cards from my wallet and stored them for me. The free Stocard app:

It's the only one I have found so far that can be made UK specific.

Surely this is how Passbook should work?!

Hi - Anyone using MarsEdit with WordPress? I can post new posts, but editing existing posts is causing an error when trying to send the changes back to WordPress. Any ideas?
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