I'm standing up against verbal abuse on LKML.  I will happily stand alone, however you can also support this cause.  Please speak up, either here on Google+ by resharing this post, or commenting on this post with words of support.  If you dare, you can also reply to my lkml email.


"Where do I put this fire? This bright red feeling? This Tiger Lily down my mouth? He wants to grow to 20 feet tall... I'm so tired of being shy; I'm not that girl any more. I'm not that straight-A anymore."

Paula Cole - "Tiger" - Live at Pershing Square

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Examples of verbally abusive behavior on the Linux kernel mailing list:


Further Update

I don't have time to moderate comments on this Google+ post, and I don't want to leave personal threats visible in this thread.  Please comment on my blog post instead: http://sarah.thesharps.us/2013/07/15/no-more-verbal-abuse/
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