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With a tradition as established as #Thanksgiving, taking extra time to change our habits to be more #sustainable can seem overwhelming. Our Sustainable Living department is here to help you create some new #holiday traditions that our environment will thank you for practicing! Read the 5 tips at our blogs:
Taking the High-Road on Turkey Day With a tradition as deeply established as Thanksgiving, taking some extra time to change our habits toward more sustainable
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Fairfield artist Ananda Kesler has traveled the world and transcended cultural boundaries through studying #art, #printmaking, textile/surface design, #painting and drawing. After exhibiting at an exclusive juried show in Paris, she started the LUNA Art Collective with 5 other international artists and is excited to see what their future holds. See her work and read her story:
Ananda Kesler’s grandmother was a respected Israeli artist. Ananda’s early childhood visits to her grandmother’s studio, “a mysterious, magical place,” fostered
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To celebrate another successful year, the David Lynch Foundation organized a benefit #concert featuring performances by Katy Perry, Sting, Jerry Seinfeld, and more. The proceeds went towards DLF’s " #Meditate New York" initiative to teach the #Transcendental #Meditation technique for free to 10,000 at-risk New Yorkers. Read highlights of the event at TMhome:
Last night at Carnegie Hall, David Lynch Foundation put on an amazing benefit concert featuring Katy Perry, Sting, Jerry Seinfeld, Angelique Kidjo and Sharon Isbin.
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Last month, we hosted Chris Whatley, Executive Director of the UN Association, for an awesome series of workshops and presentations on topics including careers in the #UN and #climate change! Read more his two days on campus:
Chris Whatley, Executive Director of the United Nations Association for the US, came to Maharishi University of Management (MUM) to celebrate the 70th
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In 2011, Avishek Ahmed's team developed a #mobile #application that makes it possible for the visually impaired to navigate, type, and search the #Internet. For the app, they won the Microsoft People’s Choice Award! Avishek then attended our MSCS program and is now completing his off-campus curricular training. Read more:
MS in computer science student Avishek Ahmed Avishek Ahmed began creating mobile applications 10 years ago, even before smartphones appeared on the market,
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Do you need to call a #meeting at work, but are wondering how best to go about it? MUM's #Career Coach has 5 tips on how you can hold an effective meeting that doesn't detract from the participants' normal #work responsibilities. Read more:
Being respectful of people's time and work product is a key to creating effective meetings. Every minute each person spends in a meeting is time that they
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This year, MUM student Aditi Gentsch is celebrating the 20 year anniversary of her #organic #skincare business, Aditi Botanicals. What she's learned at MUM through her individualized major in Consciousness-Based #Business and #Media is helping her to grow her business in brand new ways! Read her story:
Aditi Gentsch is a third year student studying an individualized major in Consciousness-Based Business and Media. She's applying what she's learning in Media
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MUM #Sustainable Living ambassadors made an appearance at the #AASHE 2015 conference, where they presented our school's unique concept of "Deep Sustainability" to over 2,200 conference attendees! Read more about the experience
AASHE, the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education, hosted its 2015 conference in Minneapolis, MN, and we had the pleasure of
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Last month, we welcomed 95 new #Computer #Professionals students from #Bangladesh, #China, #Colombia, #Egypt, #Nepal, #Pakistan, and many other countries to our campus. Enjoy your time in Fairfield, everybody! Read more at our blogs:
Last month an additional group of 95 Computer Professionals students arrived on campus, joining the 182 students already on campus who are enrolled in the MS in
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We recently interviewed Dr. Evan Finkelstein, one of the most beloved professors in our #Maharishi #Vedic #Science program, on the relationship between #Transcendental #Meditation and #religion, as well as about his personal relationship with Maharishi. Read his amazing story at our blogs:
Dr. Evan Finkelstein is one of the legendary and beloved professors in the MVS department who recently retired from full-time teaching. Dr. Finkelstein’s PhD
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Did you know that New York Times bestselling #author Marci Shimoff is a graduate of our College of #Business? It's true! Marci found success with Chicken Soup for the Woman's Soul, and now has written several books on how to sustain #happiness, including "Happy for No Reason." Read her story at our blogs:
Marci Shimoff is a world-renowned inspirational speaker and #1 NY Times bestselling author who specializes in helping people become happier. In the past year,
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Ever wondered what goes on in #Fairfield's artistic scene? Take a look at our new blog and find out! "Creatives in the Community" will be featuring local #artists, #musicians, and more. We have some great posts up already! Check it out:
Welcome to the MUM music blog! For my first entry I will be talking about Tara De Santis, a second year Media and Communications student at MUM. Tara has been composing and singing since she was 15 years old, but as she explains, her passion really took off when she signed up for Digital Music ...
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The home of Consciousness-Based Education.
We provide education that develops students personally and professionally.

We offer degree programs to the PhD level in the arts, sciences, business & humanities.

We were founded in 1971 by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi to fulfill the highest ideals of education. Foremost among these ideals is developing the full potential of consciousness in every student — to help students develop the ability to think and act in accord with the laws of nature and to live fulfilled and successful lives. This fulfills the long-sought goal of education: to produce fully developed individuals, citizens who can fulfill their own aspirations while promoting all good in society.

Consciousness-Based education
Holistic, relevant education for a successful life — not just a career — to ensure our happiness and to make real contributions in the world

• Meditation and spiritual growth
Self-exploration, higher consciousness, spirituality, and inner peace through the Transcendental Meditation technique

• Positive, supportive community
Professors who really care for their students, and a nourishing environment without the stress and negativity typical of college (that’s why many of us transfer from other colleges)

• Healthy lifestyle
Natural health, yoga asanas, and fitness programs for balance in body and mind — and organic vegetarian meals

• Sustainability
Commitment to achieving inner and outer sustainability for ourselves and the world
We support a progressive campus culture where alcohol, drugs, and tobacco are prohibited, and where we can develop our full potential.