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Summary Meme and Comparison
For this entry, I will be sharing a meme I have created that generally summarizes the messages and ideas presented by the meme sample and community I have been studying. Link As stated in my first entry, I have noticed that the Atheist Meme Base community o...

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Virtual Features and a New Genre
This week, I will be answering the following questions: 1.  What
are the dominant features of memetic and viral culture employed by your meme
sample? Discuss 2 or 3 of these traits.  2.  To what extent do my memes fit into one of the
categories from chapter...

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Focusing on the Text
This week, I will be answering the following questions in reference to the text of my memes: 1. What common key symbols, shared ideas, and values or beliefs does your meme focus on? 2. What are the dominant forms of humor used in your memes? 3. How does thi...

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Lived Religion on Atheist Meme Base
In this segment, I will be focusing on answering the following questions: 1.) What are the common visual and creative techniques seen in my sample? In other words, what are the common characteristics of content and stance? 2.) How do the common characterist...

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Change of Mind and Narrowing of Control Group
From Last Week: After further discussing the memes I have chosen to focus on for this study, I have realized that these particular memes are actually religious memes. I formerly considered them to be memes about religion because of their focus on Christiani...
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