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Battlefleet Gothic: Armada Skip Intro
I had been playing this new game recently and I find the time taken to load all the intro movies are really a waste of time... So here is the hack to skip all that when you start you game now. 1. Go to the Directory "BattleFleetGothic\Content\Movies\Splashs...

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Windows 10 Activation Error 0xc004f210 0x8007007B 0x8007232B 0x8004FC12 0x80004005 or 0XC004E003
If you have one of the error mentioned above, it is likely you upgrade or reset Windows 10 and it did not activated properly on its own. One way to solve this is to change your key, But what key? Well if you Windows 10 is beyond Build 1151, then good news. ...

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CPU Temperature High Overheat
Recently I was hit by something I totally did not expect. My CPU temperature hit 90C. That's in fact way too high under any sort of environment and potentially could burn your CPU. It really puzzles me, because I have a Antec H650 Liquid Cooling system whic...

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Asus Xonar Drivers for Windows 10
For a long while, Asus did not have the drivers for Windows 10 for their Xonar range of soundcard and somewhere in the end of last year, it seems they finally rolled out the Windows 10 soundcard drivers. Those of you who make do with the Unified drivers can...

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Windows Search or Menu missing or not doing anything
Ever lost your favorite Windows 10 (or lower) search or the menu bar, and keep pressing it doesn't give you anything at all? Well I had this issue and I found a solution. Before you proceed, run "services.msc" under admin command prompt (Use Task Manager, F...

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Call of Duty Advance Warfare Choppy Cutscenes
Even with the best graphics card one year later... there is still a likelihood you will come to experience some choppy cut scenes. There is absolutely nothing wring with wrong with your drivers or OS... The problem lies in the game, but doesn't seems to be ...

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Windows 8.1 OEM FREE
Just something I went though and thought I might as well
share it to save you some pain if you plan to go through it.As you know Windows 10 is not actually FREE if you have to
buy it. Its pretty expensive actually from the leaked pricing. The best way to

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Missing Email Inbox in Outlook 2013
Ever set up a new IMAP account on Outlook and suddenly find that no matter how you set it up, with all the configurations right, you can't seem to fetch your Inbox. Well, if you are getting your Sent or Outbox, then you are right onto this problem. Its rela...

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SFC failed May 2015 - telemetry.ASM-WindowsDefault.json
After some Windows Update in May / Jun, you may find that your Windows 8.1 SFC /SCANNOW suddenly failed with some corrupted files. If you followed some instruction to check the logs, you will notice that there are 2 files mentioned. telemetry.ASM-WindowsDef...

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Visual Studio 2010 Offline Help
Visual Studio 2010 is the old platform whereby you can still create Windows Form applications with C++. You can't from Visual Studio 2012 onward. However, you will find that it is quite troublesome when you needed some help and references while you are on t...
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