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Still flying high
I still receive my daily Flylady e-mails to help me
regularly declutter and maintain my house and when starting the next step of my
Freestyle quilt, we’ve reached zone 2 in the Flylady programme which is the
kitchen and in my case especially my appliance pa...

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Quilting a duvet cover
Dear granddaughter received a duvet cover for Christmas
and DIL asked me to bat and quilt this. 
With my shoulder acting up, I only got around to it now and it was the
worst fabric ever, very silk-like polyester. 
When I quilt, I use a Topstitch 90 needle a...

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Scrappy strips 1
I saw a picture of a scrap quilt somewhere online.  Unfortunately I must have been in a hurry as
I only saved the picture and nothing more, so I am unable to give credit.  I have SO MANY scraps and truly too stingy to
simply chuck these, so I have to make t...

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Jo’s Mystery Medallion Step 3
On Wednesday it was my turn to host friend Karin for this
step and I prepared stuffed marrow bones on toast as a starter.  Coq au Vin Blanc as part of the main meal and
Crème brûlée for dessert.  Oh I do love
using French to describe a dish as the main was ...

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Block 26 – Linda
Finally…. With my frozen shoulder behaving extremely well
(it still freezer up at night when I’m asleep) I get to continue with my KatjaMark’s Quilt with me EPP project. This is the 26 th block of 52, so I guess I’m
halfway there. Yeah!

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How lucky can one get?
Just before the weekend I saw an internet post where a
quilter shared the built-in laser in her sewing machine.  Not long after that another quilter showed
how she used a laser tool bought from a hardware store to stick to her machine. The laser light comes...

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Jo’s Mystery Medallion Step 2
Wednesday was Karin’s turn to host us working together and
her husband’s fresh caught fish on the coals set the mood for a good night but
we never got to finish our clue before we headed home. I guess if we drank less wine and took fewer pictures we
could h...

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Freestyle quilt continued
The next step in completing this quilt was to use a piece
of unprinted newspaper to roughly pin out the centre of the quilt where I
wanted the big applique piece to be. 
Having used 10” blocks made it easy and my paper had to be cut 30” x
60”.   I then drew...

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Jo’s Medallion Mystery
Karin came over last night for an all-nighter and we
started with a brand new Mystery as shared on the Facebook group Just UsQuilters .  This really didn’t take us
long and we both did the centres of the Medallion. My centre Karin's centre Then we still had...

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Being rid of my frozen shoulder
After 2 months of pure hell in pain, I got a cortisone
injection directly into my shoulder and I IMMEDIATELY (sounds unbelievable but
true) had relief.  I almost cried that
afternoon, this time not of pain but because of the pure joy to be able to move
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