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My latest blog.

I was told that God was in my mind and that he's an "imaginary friend." Partially true, my mind can not be separated from him.

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The Bible as moral code doesn't work in the 21st century. Life isn't about what Jesus "said" but rather what he's saying now.

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Good morning.

Many love to point out there is no "Gospel according to Jesus Christ," Of course there is, it's written on the wind.

"'Lord, if I thought you were listening, I'd pray for this above all: that any church set up in your name should remain poor, and powerless, and modest. That it should wield no authority except that of love. That it should never cast anyone out. That it should own no property and make no laws. That it should not condemn, but only forgive."-Philip Pullman

I now he's controversial among Christians but it's my sincere belief, God loves the Godless as much as he does the faithful. I also happen to agree with the above quote.

If you approve of hatred you're hateful yourself. Not too late to fix but denial is not the road to righteousness.

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Love over hate, love over will. 

Go forth and spread the joy of the Lord.
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