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"i am more than my h-index" tshirts out in the wild!

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Also new on ImpactStory:  Merge Duplicates!   Head on over and make a profile or add some new products :)

(We've been coding up a storm, does it show?  Hrm, I really ought to start Christmas shopping sometime soon....  :)  )

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Pull your blog posts (with pageviews!) into ImpactStory

Our blog is part of our scholarly identity, for many of us.  We discuss papers we’ve read, ponder issues we’ve been thinking about, and sometimes release our own early results. Wouldn’t it be great if we could showcase these mini publications on our CV, ideally linked to their readership and discussions in the blogosphere.

Good news: now it’s easy!  Starting today, your blog gets it’s own section on your ImpactStory profile. When you import a blog, we automatically find your most-tweeted posts and pull them into your profile, linked to their tweets, bookmarks, and other metrics. You can curate this list by adding and removing individual posts to feature the ones you’re most proud of.

Even better, if your blog is hosted on you’ll see still more metrics — comments, subscribers, and even pageviews!

We’re excited about the way this rounds out the story you can tell about yourself on your product list, and we think you will be too.  Go give it a try (and if you haven’t done so yet, pull in your top tweets, hook up your figshare account, and add some videos!).

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Recapping a few recent developments at ImpactStory:

From last week:

Highlight your best tweets

Do you tweet about your research?  If so, you know meaningful scholarly contributions and conversations happen on Twitter.  In fact, citation guidelines now specify how to cite a tweet [MLA, APA] — a sure indication that tweets are gaining acceptance as mainstream scholarly products.  Which is great… but your twitter contributions don’t make it on to your traditional CV.

We have a solution!  Starting today you can easily highlight your best tweets in your ImpactStory profile!  This allows others to see the work you are most proud of, and makes it easy for you to drill into your impact metrics for your own curiosity

To get started, just import your Twitter account into ImpactStory.  This will automatically pull in your 10 most popular tweets and their related metrics.  You can also add specific tweets by URL.

We’re excited about this new way to showcase our online scholarly identity, and we think you will be too… give us feedback with your ideas for the future!

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Recapping a few recent developments at ImpactStory:

From earlier this month:

Link your figshare and ImpactStory accounts

We’re big fans of figshare at ImpactStory: it’s one of a growing number of great ways to get research data into the open, where others can build on it.

So we’re excited today to announce figshare account integration in ImpactStory! All you have to do is paste in a figshare account URL; then, in the background, we gather your figshare datasets and report their views, downloads, tweets, and more.

The best part is that you’ll see not just numbers, but your relative impacts compared to the rest of figshare. For instance, here’s a figshare product with 40 views, putting it in at least the 67th percentile compared to other figshare datasets that year.  Here’s an even better one: not only is it in the 97th percentile of views, it’s also been downloaded and tweeted.

If you’ve already got an ImpactStory profile, just click “import products” to add your figshare account (you can also still paste individual DOI’s in the “Dataset DOIs” importer). If you don’t have an ImpactStory account yet, now’s a great time to make one–you can be checking out your figshare impacts in less than five minutes.

figshare’s tagline encourages you to “get credit for all your research.” We think that’s a great idea, and we’re excited about making it easier with ImpactStory.

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Recapping a few recent developments at ImpactStory:

From last month:  

Head over to your profile on ImpactStory and have a look around — we’ve made some cool updates!

Today’s release includes a smoother sign-up flow for new users, an easy and graphical way to add products to your existing profile, support for more types of research products (Your twitter account!  Your blog on!), and a cleaner profile page.

Check it out, give us feedback, and stay tuned.  We’re super excited because this release is a major update behind the scenes (for our nerdy readers: a rewrite into angular.js) — the stage is set for awesome features in the days, weeks, and months ahead.

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