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Robyn Adams
Seeker of Happiness & Simple Things.
Seeker of Happiness & Simple Things.

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I share this with one caveat: Is your following converting into leads and sales? If not, it doesn't matter how many followers you have!

But the advice, as it always is from +Buffer  , is solid!

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This should be awesome reading....don't miss it!!
"Attention without trust has no value."

Every business business wants attention.

That's why so many people are willing to pay for Facebook ads. You pay money and people will click your link.

Attention is why companies strive for "Viral" content. Mass amounts of attention in a short period of time. 

But over and over these attention driving actions yield lackluster results in the metrics that really matter... revenue.

That's because traditional interruption advertising and viral marketing lack the key ingredient to success in the digital world...


Today we launched Content Warfare: How to find your audience, tell your story and win the battle for attention.

This book is going to help you capture not just attention but revenue driving trust.

Pre-order your copy here:

You won't regret supporting this project. It's going to be gangster.

#contentmarketing   #contentstrategy   #contentwarfare  

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vv Hey!! I'm Conducting a Poll for Changing Up My Blog Opt-In Freebie....I would LOVE your help!!  vv

If you were given FREE,  useful information...Would you rather have it in video OR ebook format?

1. Video
2. Ebook

Thanks sooooo much!!

(photo via: Karen Eliot)

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*Why Has Robyn Been M.I.A. on G+?"

I've started shooting some informal vlogs to document, among other things, my son's struggle with a disorder called "Eosinophilic Esophagitis"

2 weeks ago a feeding tube was recommended because he is losing weight because his esophagus is hurting so bad. He is 0.6% for his age. He is 9. (More about EE here:

We got a second opinion last week and we may be able to avoid a feeding tube if we take him to a Dr in Cincinnati who is one of the nation's leading experts on this disease and doesn't do feeding tubes. It's a 5 hour drive from Detroit. Very doable.  

So.....while I write and blog about simplifying your's never been more important than ever for my family and me to do it right now.

Here's this week's vlog, which has me a little happier with the possibility of avoiding a feeding tube:

And last weeks vlog where I was still somewhat in shock but processing the news:

_ +Lany Sullivan , I am so sorry I never got back with you on that project! This is why....I am completely consumed with my son's health issues! I'll keep following ya though! :) Good luck!_
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