TrendyCom Review - Cart will open at 11am EST and price is $29.99. TrendyCom is already hugely discounted from its original $197 price but there will be a super early bird discount until 6pm EST (first 7 hrs of the launch ONLY). Give your subscribers coupon code “trendycom5off” to get $5 off. After 7 hours, prices goes back to $29.99 for the entire launch week till closing. Then it will skyrocket to $197 on CLOSING DAY.

Coupon code: ‘trendycom5off’ will come into effect 11am EST for the first 7 hours of the launch ONLY! Then price will be $29.99 till Monday Feb 4th at 11:59pm EST

Fe Pricing structure:

- $5 off Coupon code ‘trendycom5off’ as soon as we go live
- $29.99 during entire launch week Jan 28th (11:00am EST) - Feb 4th (11:59pm EST)
- $197 CLOSING TIME (on closing time launch special will end and price goes up to $197!)
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