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Don't expect things to get better soon... or even later
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The saddest thing about this is the stupid resignation to the current situation as if the current way to organize things is somehow the only way. We could actually start to bring some of those overseas jobs back home by raising tariffs on imported manufactured goods. We could organize the vast resource of underutilized labor in the U.S. doing something positive instead of nothing paid.

Yes it would mean higher taxes and possibly higher prices on goods. So what. As I recall in the 70's we survived with a much better economy, US manufactured goods and higher taxes. Of course jeans cost approximately twice what they do now but I could get a job in four hours and one job could support a family. Even a supermarket job. To sit stupidly by while we grow ever poorer and a handful of people own half the country is insanity. Worse, it's likely to incite revolution.
Actually, the saddest thing is that most people take so little time to follow and understand politics that they have so little understanding that they could force politicians to listen to the vast majority who are being screwed, instead of the small minority with all the $$$$.
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