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The Bastard Researcher From Hell
The Bastard Researcher From Hell


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これはまたすごい話が出てきたな:三浦九段と因縁棋士の対局企画 連盟の不手際で幻に(NEWS ポストセブン) - Yahoo!ニュース

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実店舗、原宿から神保町に移って7/21に再開するのか:AssistOn アシストオン

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まずはデータを良く見ろという話:Avoiding Garbage In – Garbage Out: Improving Administrative Data Quality for Research

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何で今ごろと思ったが、他のtorrentサイトが壊滅したからその分のトラフィックが来ているらしい:Pirate Bay Re-enters List of 100 Most Popular Sites on the Internet - TorrentFreak

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バリでサテ喰ったことあるけど、あれは犬肉だったのか…:世界の雑記帳:バリ島で人気の「サテ」は犬肉か、動物愛護団体が警告 - 毎日新聞

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I'm not opposing free trade.  I'm opposing backroom yadayadayada against our playground, the Net.

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I haven't bothered to mention the whole sad Aaron Swartz saga, because it's been covered elsewhere. 

But having the involved US attorney then basically lie about it all in a very public statement is something that I find particularly offensive. Compare these two statements - one from July 2011, one from yesterday, and tell me Carmen Ortiz isn't lying..

Yesterday (as reported by the Wall Street Journal and elsewhere):

 "At no time did this office ever seek – or ever tell Mr. Swartz’s attorneys that it intended to seek – maximum penalties under the law."

And July 2011 (as posted by itself):

 "SWARTZ faces up to 35 years in prison, to be followed by three years of supervised release, restitution, forfeiture and a fine of up to $1 million"

Maybe that official and very public PR thing wasn't "telling Mr. Swartz’s attorneys", right?  Because in private, Ms Ortiz was probably talking about how she wanted to pay Aaron for his services, and just hug him. Right?  Anybody?

Ms Ortiz, just admit you were an ass-hat, and apologize. Instead of this kind of crap. Weasel-wording and misleading about your actions is not making your office look any better.

Here are the sources, so that people can compare them for themselves.

(Post edited: it's 2013 now, so "July 2011" isn't "last July". Oops.)

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I'll have a session at this year's national conference of AAOS (The Academic Association for Organizational Science) held at Ritsumeikan University (Biwako-Kusatsu Campus) in 6/16 & 17. The theme is "Incorporating Privacy Into Management Strategy". Well, it might sound interesting, but I bet I let you down. You are warned.
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