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Put away all those devices before you go to bed! Check out the ways your phone is keeping you up at night.

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30: Rick Gibbs, Insperity has been published on Win The Talent War website
Win the Talent War: Rick Gibbs, Insperity

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Bust stress with these breathing techniques to boost start your mindfulness. Your whole body will thank you!

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Taking just 30 minutes a day for mindfulness practices makes all the difference. Check out this interview

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Bonuses and Perks that Increase Employee Engagement has been published on Win The Talent War website
Employee Engagement Top Concern
Employee engagement remains a top concern for businesses everywhere. Turnover rates, training, productivity, company morale, and customer satisfaction all depend on engaged and enthusiastic employees. Bonus and/or perk programs can drastically increase employee engagement and turn your company into a thriving force. Consider adding these perks to attract top talent and engage your current employees.
Discount Programs
Find a nearby or locally owned business to partner with for discount programs. Discuss discount options for your team for everything from fitness to automotive care to travel. Even a small percentage off of purchases can make a difference for your employees. Some options to consider are:

Yoga Studios
Gym Memberships
Movie Theaters
Automotive Maintenance
Travel Options

Reward Programs
Consider installing a reward program. Reward programs inspire and incentivize productivity. Employees will work harder and go above and beyond when they feel appreciated. For employees who innovate, problem solve, create extra revenue offer some of the following rewards:

Tickets to Events
Gift Cards
Lunch with the CEO
Extra Days Off
Spa Visits

Company Wide Retreats
Annual or even biannual company retreats are a great way to build a loyal and cohesive workforce. You can have quick classes during the retreat or question and answer sessions to help inform and involve different departments. Include spouses and significant others to further increase strong bonds and company loyalty. The retreats don’t have to be over the top or expensive, it can even be tax deductible for your company.
Continuing Education & Reimbursement Programs
Offer free classes or reimburse your employees for coursework that directly affects their performance. The best employees are always trying to improve their performance or learn new procedures and understand new technology. Helping them reach that goal means they will stay with your company for the long haul. Your team will appreciate the investment you are making in their future. Plus, continuing education will keep your entire company on the forefront of technology and trends. Options for continuing education include:

Online Courses
Local Colleges
Lunch and Learn Events
Informative Speakers

Programs to Improve Work-Life Balance
Today, companies are finding that a better work-life balance is increasing productivity, innovations, customer satisfaction, and long-term employee rates. While some companies may be concerned about the price tag, the benefits of a healthy balance between work and life far outweigh the costs. Ensure your employees have a healthy work-life balance with some of these programs or benefits:

Longer Maternity and Paternity Leave
Flexible Scheduling
Work from Home Days
Mental Health Programs and Allowances
Flexible Vacation Programs
Accident and Health Support Programs
Hotel and Travel Programs

Donation and Fund Matching
Many companies offer stock and 401 k options, consider including financial math programs. For every dollar donated, saved, or invested, match the employee contributions. You can pick the level of matching or have a limit to funds contributed. Either way, your employees will see you devoting company money to their future. This will make them more likely to remain with your company and give them a feeling of being invested and involved in the company. Here are a few ways you can match funds:

401K Contributions
Holiday Funds

Investing in Employees Reaps Rewards
From productivity to innovation to company loyalty, employee engagement affects many different aspects of your company. Spending time, energy, and money on educating, nurturing, and growing your employees as individuals will result in major benefits to your company. You’ll see increased innovation, productivity, communication, and loyalty to your company. Employee engagement also can decrease your turnover rates, sick days, and general mistakes. Get a jump on these benefits by starting your rewards and perks packages today. You’ll love the difference it makes for your employees and for your business.

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Interested in hiring Veterans but you're not sure where to start? Check out our podcast for tips #WoTPod

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Here are just a few transferable skills veterans bring to your company.

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29: The importance of Personal Branding with Evan Weig of Burns and McClellen Inc. has been published on Win The Talent War website
Win the Talent War: Evan Weig of Burns and McClellen Inc.

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If your tech roster needs beefing up, veterans are the answer. Just look at some of these big name companies

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Military Veterans have those sought after soft skills your company has been searching for. Here are few examples.
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