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Art Group Thanksgiving!
 We were pretty impressed with how our collaborative cornucopia turned out!  Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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Red Derby T-shirt Designs!
Please join us on Sunday November 23rd for another round of Derby T-shirts.  Come out and screenprint your own all while supporting art education in our neighborhood.  Check out the designs below!

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Mother's Day at DASH
Together with the kids, we hand dyed 75 scarves for the moms over at DASH.  It was such an easy, simple, kid-friendly process with really great results!  We used a Batik process which took about 3 weeks for us to do.  First, we had the kids dye all of the s...

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Red Derby T-Shirt Day
Many of you have asked where to acquire a Red Derby T-shirt.  Well, here's your chance!  And it's a custom limited edition design.  We'll only be printing these on Sunday the 18th, so come by Derbs between 11 a.m. and Midnight to screenprint your own!

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Derby Printing Day TAKE 3!
I was happy to capture a photo of us printing at night, just to drive the point home that it is AN ALL DAY AFFAIR.  Keep a lookout for our next one in May. We love our Derby family and everyone that came out yesterday! Iconic Before Shot Shak and Lauren! Al...

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Solly's and Tommy Wells!
The Arcade made it's political debut at Solly's Tavern!  We screenprinted T-Shirts and posters in support of Tommy Well's DC Creatives initiative.  Be sure to vote on April 4th! A very special thank you to Dave-O for helping us out!

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Columbia Heights Day!
Thanks to everyone in the neighborhood that came out and made a T-shirt! It was so lovely to see all of your faces!  We really do live in the best neighborhood! Photos to come!

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Get Lucid at The Dunes
Get Lucid, a group based out of Philly, organized a fundraiser for DASH at The Dunes.  Beth and I were there screenprinting our little hearts out! If you weren't there, you missed out! Hopefully this is the first of many events with these guys!  Bonus! Mari...

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Art Group's Second Art Show
Our favorite, Dre!

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DASH Awards Luncheon
We were so honored to be given DASH's "Support Beam" award! A little excerpt from our speech: " Art education is
important to the development of young peoples’ minds. It teaches
creative problem-solving, builds confidence, hones fine motor skills,
and is th...
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