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In the meantime, the most likely scenario is that all of this mugshot  nonsense is unintended consequence and sequela to U.S. federal and state  corrections administration.
Like this:
National Consortium for Offender Management System (NCOMS)
NCOMS  was a pioneering effort that required public administration managers to  take risks with new technology. In the agency operating environment  where many other public programs will take precedent in the budget  process, NCOMS members have learned to leverage the power of  collaboration to modernize their systems. Today, more prisons are  managed with NCOMS software than any other single proprietary vendor.
Although  at least one member state has chosen to keep software development in  house, the participation of two commercial vendors in the ecosystem has  been critical in broadening the community by making a set of services  for the project available to state agencies who would not be able/would  not elect to resource the work internally.

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Mugshots affiliates.Mugshots affiliates. Mugshots made an extortion threat on their website claiming harassment.  Isn't it strange that can cyber stalk and Cyber harass others, but when a person investigates them claims it is harassment and threatens to make a front page story out of their intended victim?
Cyberbully, ...
Article at

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There is a new threatening comment on Threats by a spammer

"All of your ID is being blacklisted — I am submitting you to spam central "

1. Spam Central (Urban Dictionary)
A of place drama and antics, spam central is one of the central hubs of posting for the website FlyFF World. Here the users of the site are allowed to post as they wish, with the least amount of moderation.

Are these people just a little upset that we are successful in having legislation passed that limits the extortion like activity of the mugshot website operators?

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New comment of

S on March 30, 2013 at 5:18 pm said:

Fuck off! — spollack@​thecritical-​post.​com.

One of those that support publishing mugshots online.

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Going after Mugshots.

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Channel 13 (KSTU) aired an article on television and published a video of the article on  their website of the Sheriffs position on the publishing of mugshots and the release of mugshots to mugshot websites.  Legislation os being sought to curb in the mugshot industry.
The mugshots industry should pay attention, but probably wont.

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