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Kathy Larrieu
College of William & Mary, Web Specialist
College of William & Mary, Web Specialist

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I may have to put them away for a couple more weeks after today - but - at least for today, I'm wearing <3 SANDALS <3 !

Kathy here. Joining you from Virginia (US)

Google honors Douglas Adams, who would have been 61 today. He died entirely too soon.

Happy 540th, Copernicus! Honored on today's Google Doodle. Nice to see everything revolving around the sun.

Google's doodle today is a mashup of Valentine's Day and George Ferris's birthday. Go ahead and click on the heart a few times.

Social media job @BuschGardensVA:

Just used Analytics data to help a department decide to prune it's site of high maintenance/rarely visited pages. Yay, data!

It's flurried, so the grounds crew is running around with snow blowers. Which is like running the leaf blowers in early Sept.

Just passed a student walking through campus playing with a Rubik's cube. #80sflashback

One thing about contested elections, it sure does bring out the vote: RT @jamescitycounty James City County precincts are reporting about 20% of registered voters have voted as of 9am. #JCCVotes
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