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Hey Look it's G+...

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Hey everyone.  I'm consolidating the Wirken web presence so this old google + page is no longer going to be updated.  To check out out new page its at
Hey Everyone.  We are consolidating our web presence.  I'm going to delete this listing pretty soon and start populating our other listing.   It is empty right now but if you want to keep up with us on G+ you should head over there!

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Watched this last night.  Made me want to make games. Although surprisingly not video games. 

I spend so much time at my computer, I find myself talking to it.  Today however I seem to be yelling at it.  Not unlike how I yell at cars while driving. 

Realized this morning that one of the reasons I avoid G+ is because early on I followed a bunch of things that I was half interested in and they were flooding my feed.  I'd log in and see that flood of half interesting items and decide to not bother.  

Things deleted.  Let's see if that helps.

I'm really bad at google+  I keep clicking into it on accident and decide to not stay.  I need a reason to stay.

I accidentally clicked on google+ and realized it was still in existence. 

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damn straight.
If your advertising is shoved in my face in a public space, it's fair game.

Interesting perspective from Banksy and one that's worth pondering.

Interesting change google

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